Ahoy there! Matty here, or Fazlington (@lionelhutz4prez), as I go by on Twitter (because no one cares about my real name), bringing you an article that aims to assist in filling any gaps your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week prospects for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed! 

Each week I will list a team of possible stream players with low ownership, that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 5-7-1-5 structure that many leagues run with, catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. 

How’d My Streamers Go? – Round 15 Review 


Nathan Broad (79 AF/ 92 SC): too bad he got hurt.

Nathan Wilson (80 AF/ 83 SC): defenders against Collingwood.

Blake Acres (81 AF/ 80 SC): might be more than just a one weeker? M7 material perhaps?

James Jordon (92 AF/ 86 SC): young gun, maybe a keeper?


Noah Balta (49 AF/ 50 SC): injury affected and was subbed out in Q3.

Mabior Chol (55 AF/ 63 SC): I didn’t see the Saints hot form coming.

Robbie Tarrant (27 AF/ 43 SC): I didn’t see the game – but yuck. My bad. 

Darcy Tucker (46 AF/ 49 SC): playing in defence and… just gross really. 

Brayden Fiorini (….): DROPPED

Marc Pittonet (….): INJURED

Tom Powell (….): MANAGED

Matt DeBoer (37 AF/ 45 SC): moved to a pressure forward role, AKA the fantasy desert.

Caleb Poulter (44 AF/ 51 SC): rookies are always gambles in poor teams.

Harry Himmelberg (43 AF/ 42 SC): he just sucked.

Well the ‘misses’ list is clearly the bigger of the two, but I’m guessing that will be the case most weeks. I ain’t getting paid enough (or anything at all) to provide flawlessly useful information, okay!? Anywho, let’s ignore my neurosis here and get on to this week’s Stream Team…


Thomas Highmore – an SC play here. Highmore has gone 111 and 91 (SC) in his last 2 games and takes on the Magpies this week, who, as we all know, give it up like the popular girls on prom night to defenders. 

Sam Petrevski-Seton – came back from an extended absence for decent scores (60 AF/ 68 SC) on the Crows last week and plays the Dockers who are a kind matchup for defenders. Zac Williams will miss this week due to suspension so some extra ball might be up for grabs here as well. 

Bailey Williams – more of an SC prospect here, Williams can crack the SC ton (and push it in AF) when the matchup is right. He plays the Roos this week and this game could be like watching David vs. Goliath (except in a non-fictional world where the freakishly huge ogre beats the kid using a toy… ahh religion). 

Isaac Quaynor – even though Richmond were spanked by the Saints last week, their defenders still scored well. The Pies looked back to their fantasy scoring ways and I reckon the IQ will be high enough for a stream this week

Will Powell – probably unavailable in SC leagues as he is a better player in that format (avg. of 85 SC/ 73 AF), but if available anywhere, he is a worthy stream this week. Some pretty mediocre Saints defenders scored handsomely on the Tigers last week; the team the Suns face this round. Add to that the chippy-chippy style game the Suns play, and you’ve got a nice early round stream option on your hands here. 


Shane Edwards – coming up against the Suns this round and the Tigers will be looking to bounce back from last week’s shock loss. This is a safe 75+ in the mids this week and you can loophole him as he plays Friday night. 

Brad Hill – you can get him as a defender in AF, so he might be owned there, but this guy has hit a lot of waiver wires due to his underwhelming season thus far. He has been bad, rather bad, for most of the season, but with a 3 round average of 75 (AF) and a match up on the Pies to come, he’s worth a look. 

Mitch Robinson – faces the Crows this week and has SC scores of 80 and 139 in his last 2 against them. If Neale is rested, then Robbo becomes even more enticing. 

Willem Drew – tends to be a better SC scorer and with Robbie Gray going down, he’s a genuine look-in this week (playing the Hawks). He’s probably only available in shallow/non-competitve leagues so get on him as a river play* for the foreseeable future. He’s coming off of two SC tons in his last two games as well. 

Matt DeBoer – now I suggested him last week and he flopped harder than I do after 16 cans, but this was due to a role change. This week he faces Melbourne, who actually have midfielders worth a genuine tag. The Bombers mids did pretty well against the Dees last week and the Giants will really be pressing for the win this week, so ignore last week’s turd and if you’re desperate, he could go okay. 

Ed Curnow – I’ve seen him dropped in recent times due to poor scoring (five round SC average of 65), but the Blues have had a tough run in that time. This week they play the leaky Dockers, and with his last three scores against them being 105, 107 and 95 (SC), I like this play quite a lot, especially in SC. 

Trent Cotchin – features again this week and faces the Suns. Not much else to say except his low TOG keeps him from really popping, but he’ll score safely in your midfield. 


Oscar McInerney – oh did the Big O come hard last week, with a 110+ in both scoring formats. He’s been somewhat of a letdown this season and is floating around on wires, so if you need a ruckmen, he’s your guy (and with Brisbane’s upcoming draw, could even be a river play*). 


Rory Lobb – a nice SC play here against a leaky Carlton defense. Lobb has also gone 96 and 87 (AF) in his last two games and with Taberner looking to miss again, Lobb might capitalise. 

Ed Richards – played his first game of the year for a reasonable 67 (AF) from 72% game time on the Eagles last week. He plays the Roos this week and should hold his spot. 

Lincoln McArthy – coming off two scores of 75 (AF), Linc the Stinc sees a little more run through the middle these days and is playing the Crows this week. He’s a pretty safe bet as a forward this round and with the Lions upcoming run, could even become a river play*.

Jason Castagna – Richmond forwards are a play this week, as mentioned on the podcast. Castagna scored a 149 (SC) on the Suns in 2019 and can be a bit of a bully when it comes to weak opposition. A perfect loophole option with the Thursday night fixture. 

Sam Powell-Pepper – has been pretty average so far this season, but can go big on his day. He faces the Hawks this week and could bully a team in developing. He scored 119 (SC) in his last game against the Hawks and should be safe for a 70+. 

*river play – a player whose stream value extends past just one week, whether it be because of a good run of matchups or any injury to a teammate. 

So there you go, 18 low-ownership guys who could help you fill any gaps in your lineup this week. Tune in next week where I’ll go through some hits and misses from this round.

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May your streams flow golden with power… ugghh, yeah, that’ll do.