Ahoy there! Matty here, or Fazlington (@lionelhutz4prez), as I go by on Twitter, bringing you an article that aims to assist in filling any gaps your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week prospects for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed. 

Each week I will list a team of possible stream players with low ownership, that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 5-7-1-5 structure that many leagues run with, catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. 

How’d My Streamers Go? – Round 16 Review 


Brad Hill (99 AF/113 SC): perhaps you can keep him on field?

Bailey Williams (73 AF/ 89 SC): a safe play that performed as expected.

Trent Cotchin (75 AF/ 88 SC): somewhat made up for making me (and himself) look bad last week.

Lincoln McArthy (95 AF/120 SC): likes to score sans Neale, and belted the hapless Crows. 

Oscar McInerney (87 AF/114 SC): definitely keep him. Is he finally living up to the preseason hype?

Mitch Robinson (92 AF/ 93 SC): beat up on the young Crows mids.


Thomas Highmore (42 AF/49 SC): played lockdown role on Cameron.

Ed Richards: ILLNESS, DNP.

Shane Edwards (39 AF/36 SC): played forward mostly and went off for a while due to a foot injury, but came back on and stunk. 

Jason Castagna (40 AF/41 SC): just like his team, he struggled against the might of the Suns. 

Matt DeBoer: DROPPED

Sam Powell-Pepper (44 AF/54 SC): just didn’t find the aggot. 

So with the first week jitters shaken off, my tips seemed to have broken even this week with an increase in the ‘hits’ column. YAY. Let’s hope this is a sign that I should actually continue to write this article. Anyway, on to this week’s Stream Team…


Tom Barass – a stronger SC play here. Barass faces the Roos this week – a kind opponent for defenders – and should be a safe 75+ in all formats. 

Liam Baker – now the Tigers face the Pies this week (defenders against Collingwood yada yada) so I’ll say all Tigers defenders *should* be a safe stream this week. However, the Tigers have had great matchups for the past two (and only) weeks that I’ve written this article and they have gone and lost both games, humiliating me as a fledgling ‘content provider’ in the process. A kick up the arse after a forgettable loss, and the absence of Broad, Houli, Balta and possibly Vlaustin, should mean points are on offer for the Bakers of the world this round and he in particular has river* potential looking ahead.

Changkuoth Jiath – he only scored 48 (AF) and 66 (SC) last week, but facing the Dockers next, I’m tipping a bounce back score. The door is open for CJ to perhaps be a river* play leading up to finals, given that Day and Impey won’t be back any time soon and Greaves will probably get axed. He’s a very worthwhile stream this week, particularly in SC.

Adam Kennedy – plays the Suns who are a great matchup for defenders and notched up an 81 last week against the Dees. He’s only played 4 games this season and seems to be building nicely. Sam Taylor looks to be returning this week, but I don’t think this affects Kennedy. 

Shaun Atley – plays the Eagles this round, who the Sydney defenders munched on last week. The Eagles are a relatively soft matchup for defenders in general and despite some poor scoring of late, I’m thinking Atley is a worthy plug and play this round. 


Trent Cotchin – so I’m giving the likes of these fringe Tiger types one more chance – in spite of the fact that their team’s recent (fantasy) form has led to remarkably poor scoring in general (only 2 AF scores over 90 against the Suns? Puke). Anywho, Cotchin will become the only player to feature in this article every week thus far and that’s because he has yet another good match-up (the leaky Pies), and is still widely available on waiver wires. 

Blake Acres – likes to go 80+ on average opposition and takes on the Hawks this week, who we all know like to give it up to opposing midfielders. He went 82 (AF) on them earlier this season and is usually a better AF play than he is SC. He should be a safe stream that is most likely floating readily on your waiver wires. 

Tom Green – yes, Cogs will be back, but I see him playing limited game-time, as well as taking breaks up forward. Green was good last week (90 AF/98 SC) and faces the Suns this week, who surely spent all of their tickets during their monumental win over Richmond last round. 

James Worpel – this may be more about maybe getting him off your bench for this round because he has been grossly underwhelming this season. He plays a giving Freo midfield and with Wingard unlikely to play, I like Worpel as a plug and play this week. He is on wires, especially in SC leagues, and has some river* possibilities. 

Luke Davies-Uniacke – LDU has strung together some fine M6/M7-type scores lately and fronts up against the Eagles this week, who have been letting midfields score on them in recent games. LDU is a very safe bet this round and is even worth a look on-field in leagues with more shallow rosters. 

Mitch Robinson – features for a second week running here as he plays the Saints this week and has been known to go on short runs of solid scoring – which may have begun with his 92 on the Crows last week. I’m not as confident in him this week with Neale back, but if your M7 slot is empty, he’s worth a look. 

Jack Graham – plays the Pies and Edwards may miss. I’ve spoken about Tigers players enough already and I’ll eat my hat if they suck to the point of fantasy irrelevance 3 weeks running! 


Tom De Koning – with a name that reads more like a dutch right back (how good are the Euros!?), TDK faces the Cats this week; a team with a dubious ruck division. He scored 60 odd in both formats this week on Sean Darcy, so if you’re really desperate for a ruck, TDK should be obtainable and playable this round sans Marc Pittonet. 


Liam Ryan – comes off of a little suspension induced rest this week and faces the Roos. Surely, with the scrutiny that the Eagles are receiving over their current form, they come out and blitz it and if they do, Ryan is the kind of guy who can capitalize against weaker opposition. I should probably just suggest that you stream Eagles forwards this round… but this is akin to the advice given regarding the Tigers last round and look how that went for everyone not named Handsome T. Lynch…

Jeremy Finlayson – can have some boom factor on his days and plays the Suns this week. He has scored 93 and 131 (SC) in his last two games against them so if he can dob a bag, Finlayson could provide you a very worthy score this week. 

Luke Breust – does enjoy playing the Dockers, with scores of 88, 99 and 113 (SC) in his last 3 against them. The game is in Tasmania this week and I can’t see the Dockers offering up much resistance if Breust can get going. He’s worth a flier. 

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti – not known for his high ceiling games, Tippa faces the Crows at Marvel this Friday night and could kick a bag on them, just like a couple of the small Brisbane forwards did last week. Stream him from your bench just in case you could loophole what might be a nice 80+ score in your forward line early in the round. 

Devon Roberston – what a season the 20 year old is having! He plays more midfield than forward and plays the Saints this week; one of the easiest teams for opposing mids to score on. With 5 out of his last 7 scores ticking over 70, I like Dev as a low end stream this week. 

*river play – a player whose stream value extends past just one week, whether it be because of a good run of matchups or any injury to a teammate. 

So there you go, 18 low-ownership guys who could help you fill any gaps in your lineup this week. Tune in next week where I’ll go through some hits and misses from this round.

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May your streams flow golden! … ugghh, yeah, that’ll do.