Ahoy there! Matty here, or Fazlington (@lionelhutz4prez on Twitter), bringing you an article that aims to assist in filling any gaps your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week prospects for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed. 

Each week I will list a team of possible stream players with low ownership, that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 5-7-1-5 structure that many leagues run with, catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. 

How’d My Streamers Go? – Round 18 Review 


Jacob Weitering (96 AF/SC): “defenders against Collingwood.”

Bailey Smith (98 AF/104 SC): a safe play on the Suns, however, team scoring for the Dogs was low last week. Are the Suns harder to score on now that Jeremy Sharp is ACTIVE?

Peter Wright (105 AF/139 SC): 3 goals, some hit out; the man is in form. River* Play?

Lachlan Bramble (73 AF/91 SC): the mature ager could be one to hold through your finals


Will Setterfield: OMITTED

Lachie Henderson: MANAGED

Josh Rotham (51 AF/66 SC): played a fantasy unfriendly role on key forward, Frampton.

Jayden Laverde (24 AF/35 SC): lowest score on the team – this is why you can’t trust these types of key defenders week to week… sorry, y’all. 

So it was a pretty indifferent week overall, with few match winning streams, but also, few that really cruelled your squad. What really stung was the multitude of my Richmond tips from past weeks showing up to score on my Lions… I can’t wait until this dynasty is done with. Aaaaaanyway, let’s look at some guys to consider for round 19.


Trent Mackenzie – the cannon went KABLAMO last round and it looks like his teammates are seeking out that weapon of a left foot he carries. Also, he plays Collingwood, who I must say, didn’t leak too much against the carlton defenders last week – but anomalous things happen in footy. I really like the cannon this round. 

Dane Rampe – defenders against Freo (the team Rampe plays this round) is a thing this season and for your D4/5 slot this week, there aren’t many more reliable waiver-wire dwellers than this guy. 

Damon Greaves – with the Hawks defense being rather porous at the moment, and a friendly matchup on the Crows to come, Greaves feels like a nice streamer this week. Hardwick comes back this week, as well as Scrimshaw (who’s been more of a winger lately anyway), but after a decent showing on the Dees, Greaves could hold his spot and bink you an 80 this week.

Oleg Markov – he’s gone on a pretty mediocre scoring run in recent times, and may have even been dropped in your league, but with Ellis out (Ellis loves to get down back for a cheap mark), Markov could soak up some of those points. His upcoming opponents, the Dees, don’t exactly restrict defenders, so get him into your D4/5 slot this week if you can. 

Jimmy Webster – more of a shallow league stream here, Webster has put together a fine month of fantasy footy – only dropping below 77 (AF) once in that time. He plays this Eagles this week and could be worth streaming over underperformers like Nick Haynes.


Jeremy Sharp – the Ellis wing of the Suns ward has opened up for a few weeks, and coming off a huge ton, Sharp could be the beneficiary. He plays the Lions this week, but even Richmond scored well against them last round… it still hurts to type it. Sharp could be a river play for your finals campaign, as Nick Holman (who was scoring well), has gone down too. 

James Worpel – I just nabbed him off the wire in my SC league (where he toned up on the Dees last week). He plays the Crows this round and I’m going to stream him over Cerra – just FYI – with the only caveat being that Wingard returns this round. 

Mitch Robinson – the Dusty duster faces the Suns this round and is coming off a great score last week. Lachie Neale is ‘expected’ to play this round, but his absence would only improve the chance of Robbo being a nice stream this week. He has the boom factor that could win you a final from your M7 slot.

Xavier Duursma – apart from vacuum, Duursma is the only other word in the english language that has two successive U’s… surely? Anyway, lame trivia aside, this is probably more of a waiver pick-up than a stream, but he plays Collingwood this round and is probably available on wires. The admonishment here being he might not be selected, and if he is, may see reduced game time after his long stint out of the game. With that said, he did clean up in the SANFL last weekend, so I remain confident in his scoring potential this round (if named).

Tom Green – plays Essendon this week and if Josh Kelly is to miss, I really like Green for a 90+ this week, particularly in SC. Get him on your field if Kelly misses! 

Oli Florent – plays Freo this week and the Swans will be without scoring machine, Callum Mills. Florent can score on his day and is likely available on wires as he hasn’t shown much in the last few weeks. 

James Rowbottom – sticking with the midfielders against Freo machination here, Rowbottom missed some senior footy recently but played the NEAFL (or whatever it is nowadays…) last round, THEN was called up to play seniors at the lastest of minutes due to the Covid shitstorm. He only played 46% game time, so ignore his score, but without Mills, he should probably be picked and has a lucrative matchup coming up. 


Kieren Briggs – Flynn is done for the season and in SC formats in particular, rookie Briggs has shown some potential. If Mumford can’t get up this week, Briggs is a nice stream against Essendon and the fledgling Draper. 


Nick Blakey – being 3 weeks back from a layoff, with scores of 77, 79 and 66 (AF), I like him a lot against a Freo side that were dismantled last week. He’s played on the wing and with Mills out, there could be points up for grabs in the Swans’ midfield. 

Lincoln McCarthy – plays the Suns this week and if Neale is to miss with his shoulder, will see more midfield time – as he usually does. He has had a couple of lean weeks but I can see a bounce back in your M5 slot this round. 

Harry Mckay – this is a potential smash play here, as Harry takes on the Kangas this week, who let 2M Peter kick 3 goals last round, and Stringer 4. A beautiful stream option for SC, I’d be more than happy with him on field this round, in any format. 

Mitch Georgiades – now this is a loose one, but I reckon the Pies have run their race this season and Port will be desperate for a win. He needs goals to score well, but even the Blues put 13.13 past the Pies last round. Only consider if your forward line has taken some serious blows (Langford, Dusty, Marshall, Greene etc.).

Jamie Cripps – loves playing at Optus, and takes on the Saints who lost to an undermanned Port last week. Do the Eagles have their mojo back? Well Cripps has something back, as he went TITANIC last round, particularly in SC. He’s not a reliable scorer, but not many stream options in the forward line are this season. 

*river play – a player whose stream value extends past just one week, whether it be because of a good run of matchups or any injury to a teammate. 

So there you go, 18 low-ownership guys who could help you fill any gaps in your lineup this week. Tune in next week where I’ll go through some hits and misses from this round.

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May your streams flow golden! … ugghh, yeah, that’ll do.