Ahoy there! Matty here, or Fazlington (AKA @lionelhutz4prez on Twitter), bringing you an article that aims to assist in filling any gaps your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week prospects for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed. 

Each week I will list a team of possible stream players with low ownership, that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 5-7-1-5 structure that many leagues run with, catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. 

Did The Streams Flow Golden? – Round 20 Review 


David Mundy (88 AF/ 126 SC): had a good matchup and soaked up some ball sans Fyfe and Walters. 

Noah Anderson (80 AF/ 90 SC): you have to hold him after potentially finding his early-season form again. 

Mark Blicavs (85 AF/ 83 SC): playing defenders on the Roos is recommended. 


Sam Petrevski-Seton: OMITTED

Blake Acres: NOT NAMED

Tom Atkins: NOT NAMED (INJ)

James Rowbottom: OMITTED

Will Powell (42 AF/ 25 SC): I have no words to heal this pain. 

Brandon Parfitt (25 AF/ 30 SC): Ummmm? 84% game time in a role rotating between the midfield and forward line against the Roos “should” have yielded better numbers. Yuck!

Lachlan Bramble (52 AF/ 53 SC): he played a few different roles in this one and doesn’t seem to be a player who can be trusted in finals. 

Charlie Cameron (50 AF/ 30 SC): a performance indicative of his team’s… 

So that was a week that shan’t be remembered for too long… There was a small handful of guys that really hurt you but it was mostly average scores looking back as a whole. However, with no low end hits to speak of, I’ll be looking to recover this week, especially because we are now firmly entrenched in fantasy finals – yikes! 


James Harmes – looking at shallower leagues here, but with Viney out and a contest against the languishing Eagles to come, you have to get Harmes on your field if you can. The Pies FEASTED on the Eagles last week, so imagine what a top side might do to them. 

Nick Vlaustin – is looking good to return this week after nursing some minor ailments during the most recent rounds. He’ll be on wires and has a good matchup on the Roos this week. Check for his name when team-sheets drop, as he could also serve as a river play* for your final few rounds.  

Ryan Burton – this is a guy with a floor that will rarely kill you, the potential for 100+ scoring and always seems obtainable from waiver wires. He has a kind matchup on the Crows this week and if you’re in a shallower league and are unsure about any of your starting defenders, Burton could be the one-week plug-and-play you’re looking for. 

Dane Rampe – I could have this bloke here almost every week, as he is such a safe play and for whatever reason, never seems to be owned (more of an AF platform thing). Yes, Rampe has always been a stronger SC play, but in any format this week, I like him. He plays the Saints, who have been a good matchup for defenders in recent times, and hasn’t gone below 71 (AF) in his last 3 games. 

Harris Andrews – “defenders against Freo” rings the latest catch cry of the (my) fantasy world. Andrews will be owned in SC leagues, as he plays much better in that format, but I’m suggesting to get him going in all formats this week. Any of the Brisbane defenders (with a lick of fantasy chops) is worth a stream this round. 


Connor Blakely – scored 65 AF and 99 SC in 57% game time, starting as Freo’s medi-sub last round. Now, he faces the Lions this round, but the Hawks mids didn’t seem to have any issues scoring on them last week and we all know by now that there are some points to be had in the current Freo midfield. Blakely has river play* potential if he holds his spot and gets the role.

James Jordon – faces the Eagles this round, who all of a sudden, are playing as a tasty matchup for opposing teams. Add to that the Viney suspension, and I see a situation this week where Jordon loses the sub-vest and scores quite nicely in an M6/7 slot.

Callan Ward – Coniglio won’t play this week, and future fantasy stud, Tom Green, is also set to miss. Tim Taranto has gone gimp in the last 2 rounds and I’m just wondering if Ward has an open avenue to big points this week. He does play the Cats, but I just think Ward has too much opportunity to go big, given his fallen comrades. 

Jed Andserson – he’s 2 weeks returned from a long injury lay-off and has scored modestly since being back. I’ve found that players coming off significant injuries this season have taken a few weeks to really get their form back, and that’s what I’m seeing here. His gametime was at 75% last round and with Cunnington out, there is scoring to be done in that Roos midfield. I like Anderson against the Tigers this week; particularly in SC. 

Lochie O’Brien – “who?” Yeah, I understand that reaction, but after getting back into the team for his first hit-out since round 1 and scoring 77 (AF), O’Brien was solid in playing an outside role in a winning Carlton team. Carlton play the Suns this round and should O’brien hold his spot, is a desperation play for your final midfield spot in deeper leagues. 

Xavier Duursma – Like Jed Andserson, he is 2 weeks returned from a long injury layoff and has scored modestly in that time. He plays the Crows this round and I reckon Duurs can shake off those few remaining cobwebs and dish up a nice score at M6/7 this week. 

Josh Daicos – could be back from a finger injury this week and will take on Hawthorn if deemed fit. Keep an eye on team sheets and if you’re in need of someone for your final midfield slot, Daicos could be your guy. 


Sam Draper – the Dogs are a nice matchup for opposing rucks, and that’s who Draper plays this week. His scoring has been far from remarkable in the past month, but Draper is readily available on wires and if you’re dealing with ruck issues, is worth a look this round. 


Kysaiah Pickett – he plays the Eagles this round and has only gone under 76 (AF) once in his last 4 games. Maybe I’m overestimating what the Dees’ guys can do on the Eagles this round, but shit, did you see them against Collingwood? You’re only as good as your last game, some say. 

Matt Parker – the mid-season recruit seems to be building into his game each week and has 3 rounds of decent scoring to prove it. He plays the Kangas this round, and is the type of play that will ensure you don’t get a losing score in your forward line. Going the other way, I don’t think he has the boom factor to win you a matchup either, but I like him for a 75+ this week. 

Brody Mihocek – is coming off of 3 games of good scoring and faces the Hawks this round. Now, the Hawks humiliated the Lions last week, but that didn’t stop the Lions guys from scoring. Mihocek has scored 75 and 110 (SC) in his last 2 games against Hawthorn and if he keeps his form going, can repeat scores of this ilk. 

Tom Papley – by the forwards’ 2021 standards, Paps has put together a pretty tidy month and being somewhat of a ‘confidence player’ facing a mediocre opponent this week (the Saints), I’m all about this play. Papley has two 90+ scores from his last 3 against the Saints and faces the Kangas in the week to follow – river play* potential, you say? 

Orazio Fantasia – he likes to beat up on poor opposition when Port win, and Port play the Crows this week (a team Orazio already put an 84 (AF) on earlier this season). He returned from a lengthy layoff last week and didn’t look too out of sorts. Fantasia is a guy who will be on wires and could really pop in your last forward slot this week. 

*river play – a player whose stream value extends past just one week, whether it be because of a good run of matchups or an injury to a teammate. 

So there you go, 18 low-ownership guys who could help you fill any gaps in your lineup this week. Tune in next week where I’ll go through the hits and misses from this round.

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May your streams flow golden! … ugghh, yeah, that’ll do.