Ahoy there! Matty here, (AKA @lionelhutz4prez on Twitter), bringing you an article that aims to assist in filling any gaps your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week prospects for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed!

Each week I will list a team of possible stream players with low ownership, that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 5-7-1-5 structure that many leagues run with, catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. 

Did Last Week’s Streams Flow Golden? – Round 21 Review 


Nick Vlaustin (128 AF/ 123 SC) – WHOA! Play defenders on the Roos where possible, as a number of the Tige’s backs scored handsomely in this game. 

Ryan Burton (111 AF/ 105 SC) – numerous backmen scored well in this game, and without Tex, I like defenders against the Crows from here on out.

Jed Anderson (97 AF/ 78 SC) – I’m a little shocked that his AF score eclipsed his SC score by so much, but Anderson looked fit and playing your mids on the Tigers is encouraged. 

Matt Parker (70 AF/ 73 SC) – a 70+ for an F4/5 is a hit in my eyes this season, but I wouldn’t rely on this guy unless the right matchup is there. 

Tom Papley (74 AF/ 75 SC) – he hasn’t scored under 73 (AF) in 5 weeks; can we finally rely on ‘the Smear’ at F4/5?

James Harmes (91 AF/ 123 SC) – West Coast are a fruitful matchup right now.

Harris Andrews (78 AF/ 123 SC) – “defenders against Freo.”

Sam Draper (78 AF/ 109 SC) – Rucks against the Dogs are a good play.


Lochie O’brien (59 AF/ 52 SC) – are you shocked? Go Suns. 

Orazio Fantasia (51 AF/ 55 SC) – I thought Port would be more dominant, which seems to be the only time Raz can put up a worthwhile score. 

Josh Daicos – NOT NAMED

Kosi Pickett (30 AF/ 31 SC) – small forwards are as reliable as that cute girl you just matched with on Tinder. 

Brody Mihocek (51 AF/ 43 SC) – the Hawks showed up and Mihocek just couldn’t get going. 

With almost half of my streamers hitting their mark, I’m going to call that a pretty good week, if you don’t mind! Some late season trends are emerging and some early season trends (DEFENDERS AGAINST COLLINGWOOD) were reprised – you just have to keep reading this article to stay on top of them. Actually, just listen to the Traders featuring ‘Cal’s Scale of Hardness’, AKA the place I get most of my info… moving alone.  Let’s try and match last week’s hit rate, shall we?


Grant Birchall – booooring… but look at what the Hawks’ backs did to the Pies – the team Birchall faces next –  last round. He’s probably one more recommended for deeper leagues, as his ceiling isn’t match-winning, but his basement won’t hurt you. I’m feeling an 80 in both formats from Birch this week. 

Zac Guthrie – look, I want to beat up this dweebo when I look at him as well, but he faces the hobbling Saints this week and defenders have scored well enough on them in previous rounds. Moreover, his past 2 scores have been respectable (128 and 75 AF) and with Zac Tuohy out with a hamstring, some points could be on offer. There is some river* play potential here too if Tuohy is to miss time beyond this round. 

Andrew McPherson – I wouldn’t recognise him if he stood up out of my porridge and slapped me, but he’s been down back for the Crows lately and has averaged 67.8 (AF) in that span. Brodie Smith is set to miss this week with a concussion, and with a matchup on the Dees, there could be lots of ball to be won amongst the unknowns that comprise the Crows defense this week. 

Harry Cunningham – and you thought Birchall was a bland suggestion… but Cunningham had 78 (AF) last week and plays the Roos upcoming. He can also score on his day, with a 115 and a few 85+ (AF) games this season. I know this guy will be available on wires, so if you’re enduring some backline misfortune, give Cunningham a thought. 

Jeremy McGovern – he’ll already be on someone’s ground in SC leagues (where he averages 17 more points than in AF), but he’s worth a look in AF scoring formats this week too. He has 90+ scoring capability and with a matchup on the Dockers to come, he’s very much worth a look. Oh, and Duggan, who’d scored solidly in recent weeks, may miss with a knee injury. 


Willem Drew – with a 5 round AF average of 86, Drew may well already be owned in your league, but maybe consider running him over any underperforming starters you may have on field if he’s your cover. Port plays Carlton this week, who gave the Suns mids all the points they wanted last round. Definitely have a look at Drew in SC formats especially, where he generally scores better. 

Connor Blakely – he scored 75 SC last week (but only a 50 odd in AF) after scoring well as the medi-sub the week before. I had him as a stream last round but the Lions trounced the Dockers and he couldn’t really deliver. This week Blakely faces West Coast, a much easier team to score on, and he’ll have the chance to score without Brayshaw. With all of that said, Blakely is a desperation play for leagues where the mid ownership runs deep. 

Oli Florent – this one is simple; the Swans play North and Mills might miss. Expect 75+ from Florent this round either way.  

Matt De Boer – he’s back in the side (and the midfield) due to the slew of injuries at the Giants and with Kelly being the only certainty to return, MDB could have some points come his way. Mids against the Tigers has been a beneficial play in recent times and let’s face it, the Tiges have no one really worth tagging right now. MDB can score on his day, but it really is role dependent. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel here. 

Tom Cutler – Tommy Cuts, the only player worthy enough to have his face-badge stuck on my Lions scarf, went 95+ in both formats last week and I believe it was because of the Heppell omission. He did this against the Dogs, which is impressive, but if Heppell returns this week, I think you can ignore this altogether. On the other hand, if Hep misses, I’d be starting Tommy Cuts with confidence (all face badge bias aside). 

Jarrod Berry – played his highest TOG last week (75%) since being 3 weeks returned from an injury and attended the highest amounts of CBAs of any Lions mid. So many mids have taken 2-3 weeks to find their rhythm after injury lay offs this season and next round he faces the Pies; a team who allowed 14 Hawks players to score 80 or more (AF) last round. Berry has had a year to forget but the Lions look to be ramping up his activity for finals – the only caveat here is the return of Neale

Jeremy Sharp – firstly, I’m thinking this guy is better suited to AF, just FYI. Ellis has gone down again and he plays the Bombers this round, who yes, didn’t let the Dogs score too freely last week, but typically they do allow scoring against them and I’m considering that game an anomaly. 


Tom Papley – it’s his second week in a row featuring in this column and by golly you know he’s writing home about that! With 5 round averages above 75 in each format, and the Roos to come this week, Paps is still on wires and will solidify your F4/5 slot nicely. Heck, if he’s in the mood he may even ton up – he has the capability to (he scored 109 and 85 in his last 2 against the Kangas). 

Daniel McStay – sans Hipwood, McStay has been generating scores you can field, peaking last week in Brisbane’s demolition of the Dockers. He faces the Pies this week and just go and look at what the Hawks did to them last round. 

Alex Neal-Bullen – 100, 92, 111… I had to rub my eyes too when seeing his last 3 AF scores, but the dude is in red hot form and Melbourne take on (down) the Crows this week, who I believe cashed in their season’s remaining chips last week in the Showdown. Max Gawn will be rucking against some SANFL no-namer and this just has blood bath written all over it. You know what? Just stream Melbourne guys this week. 

Taylor Duryea – REVENGE GAME! No one even remembers that he played for the Hawks. Perhaps even he has forgotten? In any case, the Dogs may see some key defensive stocks in Gardner and Keath come back this week and after scoring 65 last round, I like Duryea up against his old team. He scored 102 (SC) on them the last time they met. 

Nick Blakey – he was playing a half-back role last round and scored an 84 (AF). Defenders against the Roos is a great play generally but no matter his role, which is typically more wing, I think he can replicate last week’s scoring as your F4/5 this round. 

*river play – a player whose stream value extends past just one week, whether it be because of a good run of matchups or an injury to a teammate. 

So there you go, 18 low-ownership guys who could help you fill any gaps in your lineup this week. Tune in next week where I’ll go through the hits and misses from this round.

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May your streams flow golden! … ugghh, yeah, that’ll do.