Ahoy there! Matty here, (AKA @lionelhutz4prez on Twitter), bringing you an article that aims to assist in filling any gaps your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week prospects for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed!

Each week I will list a team of possible stream players with low ownership, that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 5-7-1-5 structure that many leagues run with, catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. 

Did Last Week’s Streams Flow Golden? – Round 22 Review 


Dan McStay (93 AF/ 101 SC) – has been a late season gem since Hipwood’s injury and I like his match-up on the Eagles this round. 

Nick Blakey (63 AF/ 65 SC) – I’ve included Blakey as a hit because he scored those points in 58% game time after being subbed off in the third quarter and I wanted to note that he looked good coming out of the half-back line (as a forward eligible stream). 

Harry Cunningham (102 AF/ 111 SC) – boo yah! I recommended Cunningham before I’d heard the Lloyd injury news, which only made him a stronger streaming option. I won my SC draft league with Cunno on-field this week. *eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows* 

Willem Drew (63 AF/ 98 SC) – I did mention that he was more of an SC stream, just sayin’. 


Jarrod Berry (56 AF/ 64 SC) – I flagged the return of Neale as being a negative for Berry and it seemed to transpire as such. He can’t be trusted if you’ve made your grand final this week. 

Tom Papley (50 AF/ 45 SC) – he started deep forward and Buddy’s absence may have affected Papley’s playable scoring of late. 

Tom Cutler (57 AF/ 58 SC) – he played a much more accountable role with Heppell back in the team (which I flagged). 

Connor Blakely (27 AF/ 15 SC) – was subbed out of the game with a hamstring injury and if you played Blakely, he’s now allowed to be on your ‘never again’ list. 

So the bulk of my suggested streams didn’t exactly hit or miss their marks this week (or scored well in one format and poor in another), which if you followed, shouldn’t have done too much damage to your chances of winning your matchups. If they did, send me an abusive message on the socials – you know, the ones players get for ruining multis etc? It makes them better players and more considerate of the punter’s needs… but seriously fuck those dudes and I hope players keep exposing those needle-dicked dorks. ANYWAY, you might have a grand final to win this week and a Tom Stewart to replace, so let’s get to business. 


Mason Redman – Dossy likes this guy (take from that what you will) and he has shown glimpses of fantasy relevance this season. Redman scored very well last week and plays the Pies this week – a team you should be streaming all positions against right now as they have been a points smorgasbord of late. The Bombers will want to solidify their finals spot this week and the Pies only have pride (or spite?) to play for, which could mean feasting time for Dons players. 

Harry Cunningham – another one who starred (and featured here) last week, Cunningham takes on the Suns upcoming; a plus matchup for defenders currently. Nick Blakey has been rebounding off of half-back and won’t get up this week, however, Lloyd will return – a break even situation where Cunningham could score similarly to last round on easy opposition. 

Trent Mckenzie – this is more about defenders against the Dogs, which surprisingly, is a genuine play right now. The Cannon will be on wires and could be a fine D4/5 this week with AF scores over 70 in the last 2 rounds. 

Tom Doedee – weiiiiird last name, great selection this round. Averaging 78.8 AF and 90.5 SC since his return, and a juicy matchup on the Roos to come, DoDo has big-game potential here. Only finalists are paying attention to the waiver wire right now, so guys in good recent form, such as Doedee, may be up for grabs. Go get ‘em. 

Robbie Tarrant – every now and then this guy just goes kinda big. Like, 110+ big. Zeibell may miss due to an ankle and if he does, Tarrant becomes a great pick up. He is playing against the Crows, in the deadest of rubbers you could ever conjure up, and I’m predicting lots of high scores in that one because of it.  


Callan Ward – he got plenty of CBAs last round and with a matchup against the Blues to come, could go big. He could be on wires in shallow leagues, but if not, the owner would be wise to try and have his score on the field this week due to the Blues being a charity basket case that’s really giving right now. 

Brandan Parfitt – he’s been in bad form (61.4 5 round average in AF), but is still attending CBAs (14 last round). I’m recommending Parfitt because of his plus matchup on the Dees and a little hunch, I guess. His TOG% fluctuates sporadically, but hitting Parfitt on his good day might just be worth the risk this week. 

Trent Dumont – he just hasn’t been close to his 2020 self since returning from injury, with only 2 99+ games (AF) out of 13. In spite of this, I like him for this round. Dumont will play a midfield role, against the flailing Crows, in a game that I reckon will be open, free flowing and generally soft. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Brad Hill – a mostly indifferent season has been had by this guy, which has seen him dropped and acquired and dropped and acquired and dropped and well you get it, across all of my leagues, all season. If he’s currently in the former stage of that cycle, Hill could be worth an add this round due to his soft matchup on the Dockers. 

Jai Newcombe – why not? Especially if Jaeger and Worpel miss again. Well actually, I can tell you why not: because he’s a rookie, and if you’re reading this, you’re definitely in a grand fucking final. But hey, he plays the Tigers who have put the proverbial cue in the proverbial rack and this game could be an all you can eat buffet given its meaninglessness. Clarko will give this young fella another good crack after his 10 (56%) CBAs last game if Worp and Jaeger miss, IMO. 

Jack Graham – he’ll definitely be owned in deep leagues with his 87.6 5 round AF average, but Graham was poor last week which may deter some people. With Cotchin and Edwards set to miss, and playing in a pointless season-ender against the Hawks, Graham could go massive (as he did 2 weeks ago) in a bruise free game. 

Tom Rockliff – FOR THE TRADERS!!! #pig


Kieran Strachan – 73 AF and 82 SC in your debut against Max Gawn and the ascending Luke Jackson? Yeah, you’d take that! He faces off on Goldstein and co. this week, but if you’re someone who plays in those psycho ‘dual ruck on field’ leagues, you might consider Strachanyyyyy if you need an R slot filled. 


Cam Zurhaar – you just go ahead and watch him clean up in a meaningless game against Adelaide this week. He seems like the kind of guy who takes it wherever he can get it easy, right?

Buddy Franklin – will return this week and faces the Suns who have about as much to play for as I do live for at the moment while I wait for my flight home from here in Canada. Don’t worry, I’m not depressed or anything, because I’m cleaning up in fantasy this year, and Buddy can clean up in this game and be a match-winner from your F3-5 slot. 

Harry Himmelberg – with AF scores of 67, 71… okay I’m just going to stop there because you won’t read on if I kept going back over his recent scores… but in spite of this crude data, I think HH is a safe play against a Blues team who just want the season to end so that they can go on their footy trip to Tassie. 

Peter Wright – had been in good goal kicking and SC form of late, but was reasonably stitched up by Collins last week and still got 75 (SC). This week, 2MP takes on Collingwood, who have been beyond easy to score on in recent weeks. The Bombers will want to show their fans they aren’t just making up numbers in the finals, and Wright may benefit from this seemingly breezy matchup. 

Joe Daniher – West Coast suck, and Mcstay and Daniher are seriously vibing off of each other right now. They have kicked 12 goals between themselves in the last fortnight and the Lions are rolling with some form into an opponent who just let Freo put 12 goals past them. Both key Lions forwards are a nice SC play this week. 

So there you go, 18 low-ownership guys who could help you fill any gaps in your grand-final lineups this week. This will be the last week you, the 56 people who read this, will hear from me on the DD site this year, but I think I’ve done enough to maybe have a shot at doing some more writing with the boys next season – stoked! 

Catch me on Twitter (I barely post and have a lowly following): @lionelhutz4prez 

May your streams flow golden on this, the week of Grand Finals!