Noah Anderson just brought me home in a couple of leagues and I’m as happy as big Dewy would be right now, let me tell ya! But a (fantasy) coach never rests, so let’s look ahead to next week’s waiver crop. Here, I’ll be looking into guys with low ownership that could bolster your team’s strength/depth going forward. I’ll also make mention of some high scorers from the round past that seem like mirages and are probably not worthy of sacrificing your waiver priority for.

Here are the low ownership guys to scoop up in the wake of round 4:

Mark O’Connor (76 AF/76 SC) – DEF/MID

He came back from injury and was used as a full-time midfielder in a tagging role on Lachie Neale. Most of the time, when you can get an inside midfielder in your forward or back line, you just grab them and see if they pop now and then.

Heath Chapman (83 AF/118 SC) – DEF

He’s looking to be more suited to SC scoring but in any league, grab him if he’s on your wire. There seem to be plenty of mouths to feed in the Freo backline but Chapman sure knows how to get his. He may be impacting Luke Ryan negatively. 

Thomson Dow (78 AF/ 83 SC) – FWD/MID

He featured here last week and if he’s still on your wire, you can pounce on him with more certainty after another solid score. He’s getting decent amounts of time in a shallow Richmond midfield and he’s forward listed – enough said. 

Michael Walters (87 AF/94 SC) – FWD

You know that bit on the Simpsons where an ad cuts to Krusty saying, “I heartily endorse this event or product”? Well I always thought he said “hardly” and in the case of Michael Walters, “I hardly endorse this event or product”. 

Marlion Pickett (83 AF/109  SC) – MID

I don’t know about your leagues, but midfielders are suddenly scarce in mine and if you’ve lost an on-field mid this week, Marlion could be one of the few band aids lying around. 

Josh Battle (79 AF/81 SC) – FWD/DEF

I’ve seen him dropped in a few spots so make sure he’s owned in your SC leagues. His DPP status is very handy and he’s a good intercept mark with a beneficial kick to handball ratio. 

These are the illusions of round 4 and should not be picked with your waiver prioroity:

Nathan O’Driscoll (109 AF/104 SC) – DEF

There will be a lot of salary cap chat about this guy and I fear it will leak into draft players’ thinking. The numbers are nice, but he’s playing an outside role on an average team and I can’t see scores like this sustaining. Let someone else waste their waiver pick on him. 

Braeden Campbell (88 AF/110 SC) – DEF

Lloyd, Blakey, McInerney… There is too much going on in the Swans’ defense and it’ll be an inconsistent ride for the likes of Campbell. There’s too much uncertainty here for me. 

Port Adelaide Defenders

Jonas, Clurey and Bergman, namely. Port didn’t want to win, they wanted to lose by as little as possible and played this chippy-chip game style to mitigate the damage Melbourne inflicted. 

Alrighty gang, that’s what I think of the waiver wire this week. Shoot us some feedback in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutzforprez. I’m always keen to hear the moves people are making from the FA list.