There would be some swiss cheese looking teams out there at the moment, with guys like Cripps, Nic Nat, Preuss, Elliot, Lycett, Day and Serong either missing the next round or having a good chance of doing so. Aside from Nic Nat, they don’t seem to be long term issues, so it’ll be an important round of streaming for owners of the aforementioned players.

In any case, this article aims to assist in filling any holes your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week streamers (perhaps longer in some cases, AKA RIVER plays) for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed.

Here, I will list a team of players with low ownership that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 4-5-1-4 structure catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. But first, let’s see how my round 4 tips performed:


Steven May (94 AF/111 SC) – Lever’s return freed him up as I’d predicted, taking 9 marks in building his score. May is a clear hold. 

David Mundy (102 AF/79 SC) – Mundy is doing some Lebron James shit late in his career. If he was at a Melbourne based club, he’d be the Victorian premier in 2 years time. 

Seb Ross (91 AF/103 SC) – midfielders against Hawthorn is the biggest monty there is in the fantasy game right now, so cash in where you can. 

Dion Prestia (114 AF/112 SC) – an obvious hold until his next soft tissue injury. 

Darcy Fort (91 AF/74 SC) – played well in his first game as the number one ruck for Brissie. Big O comes back this week so if you chewed up Forty, you’re good to spit him out. 

Jamie Elliot (73 AF/85 SC) – it’s a darn shame he got hurt and subbed because he scored his points from only 62% game time. 

Peter Wright (79 AF/87 SC) – he’s a great stream against poor opponents. It’s a shame he doesn’t face his own team. 

Tim Membrey (88 AF/88 SC) – I wish he went ballistic so I could have written “insane in the Membreyn, insane in the brain!”


Mitch Hinge (28 AF/37 SC) – he tried to battle on with a hip issue but was eventually subbed in the third. Scrap him. 

Lance Franklin (45 AF/42 SC) – Like Hinge, was injured in the third quarter and subbed off. He’ll miss a few weeks so act accordingly. 

Isaac Quaynor (44 AF/66 SC) – well that game didn’t go as I’d planned, and neither did Quaynor’s scoring. 

Well it appears as though I was on the mark with a good chunk of my tips last week, but most were kind of obvious. I’ll just pat myself on the back and hope I can back it up for y’all this week. Speaking of which, here are the Round 5 streams I like:


Mark O’Connor – he’s playing midfield and has the best matchup for mids this week in the Hawks. He’s the safest 80 you’ll get at D5 this week. 

Tom Atkins – defenders are enjoying the Hawthorn matchup thus far and we’ve seen some fantasy chops from Atkins in the past. He’s coming off a 76 and should be good for something similar this week.

Sam Taylor – the data says that defenders are scoring well against the Dees and that’s who the Giants face this round. Taylor won’t win you a matchup, but his basement score won’t cruel you either. 

Jarrod Lienert – I didn’t know he’d moved to the Saints until about round 3 of this season when I went to the Tiges vs. Saints game with my Dad (who’s a Port Adelaide fan). Anyway, the Saints play the Suns who allow points to defenders and Jimmy Webster is out, so if you’re really, really desperate for a defender, ol’ lion heart shouldn’t cruel you. 


Xavier Duursma – Ollie Wines has a concerning injury and points will be on offer in the Port midfield because of it. Duursma could return this week and aside from the word ‘vacuum’, his name is the only word in the English language with 2 consecutive u’s, so U should pick him up if he’s picked.

Lochie O’brien – this is the second week in a row that I’m writing about a bloke I previously never even thought about, but Cripps is missing and O’brien will have more opportunity to score, as will Matt Kennedy and the like. 

Willem Drew – a shallow league play here; get Drew on your field while Wines is out. He tonned up last week and I believe he’ll have a 100+ average as a RIVER* play until Wines returns. 

Joel Selwood – shrug off your opponent this week (wink) with a certainty of a stream here. Selwood faces the Hawks (mids against Hawthorn is the new defenders against Collingwood) and plays on the big stage Monday, where he’ll lap up the occasion and score you a ton, no doubt. 

James Rowbottom – he’ll play the Eagles, who yes, have gotten some cavalry back this week, but they are still a plus matchup for opposing mids. Having a Friday night game, you can loop Rowbottom from your bench if he scores satisfactorily.


Matt Flynn – will be the number 1 ruck while Preuss ices his elbow for a week and we know Flynny can score with the right opportunity. He does face Gawn and Jackson, so keep your expectations in check. 


Dan McStay – he’s been in good form lately without Hipwood and is playing in a contract year, so this is probably more of a waiver wire pick. Anywho, he plays the Pies and is a good stream with some RIVER* potential 

Jack Hayes – we’ve witnessed what he can do without Ryder, who misses this week and next. Hayes is a short term RIVER* play and has a nice matchup against the Suns this week. 

Patrick Naish – outside mids are scoring well on the Swans (Naish’s opponent this week) and although forward listed, Naish has been running the wings for West Coast. I really like him as an F4/5 this round.

Errol Gulden – faces the Eagles this round, who understandably, have been allowing opposing forwards to score well. Gulden has a fantasy game and will be owned in deeper leagues, so this is mostly a call to action, with that action being to get him on field this week, or at least loophole him (he plays Friday).

I’m on school holidays and I got day-drunk yesterday, so today I’m broken and writing this piece has never been more arduous. With that said, I sincerely hope my thinking is accurate this week, but if it isn’t, I’ll comfortably accept the hate-mail.. Anyway, hit me up about any streaming you’ll do this week: @lionelhutz4prez.

And as always, may your streams flow golden and strong!