Get Wired is back! Let me start by apologising for not writing it last week. I was in Ballarat playing in a 3 day disc golf tournament… that’s not a joke. I came 6th. Anyway, my fringe hobbies aside, we have some waiver wires to scour, so let’s get right to it.

Here are the blokes worthy of your waiver priority in the wake of round 7:

Greg Clark (110 AF/104 SC) – MID

West Coast are a rabble and you’d have to think that they will start playing for the future at some point this season; this could mean more opportunity for Clark. He’s a mature ager (24 y/o) and looked more than comfortable at AFL level. Could we be looking at Michael Barlow 2.0? Maybe, so you better snap him up. 

Bailey Scott (90 AF/89 SC) – DEF/FWD

He featured here after Hall hurt his hamstring a few weeks back, but didn’t do anything remarkable thereafter. Scott was North’s 2nd highest scorer this week and may have been put back on wires, so grab him if you can, at least until Hall’s return. Even then, I’d hold him and see what his role is like now that Zeibell seems to be a forward again. 

Callum Coleman-Jones (78 AF/79 SC) – FWD/RUCK

XXXerri is missing a month or so and CCJ might just be North’s most fantasy relevant hyphen right now. He rucked in tandem with Goldy but the scoring was still there (even if it was against Carlton’s feeble ruck department). 

Kiedean Coleman (63 AF/58 SC) – FWD/DEF

The scores don’t jump off the screen, but Coleman has only played 2 games this year after a serious hamstring injury and is in a defensive rebounder role that is still quite new to him. The Swans have been a tough opponent for defenders so far, so ignore his score this week and grab him for Brisbane’s next game against West Coast. 

Ben Ainsworth (72 AF/88 SC) – FWD

He’s strung 3 solid weeks of scoring together and he’s about as reliable as my forehand drive (a disc golf reference), but in spite of this, I reckon he’s worth adding. 

James Worpel (87 AF/80 SC) – MID

If he was dropped, he’s worth an add, but you didn’t hear it from me (an embittered owner). 

Sam Menegola (DNP) – MID

He was back playing in the VFL this week. Now I’m too lazy to find out how he actually went but after the Cats loss, a Menegola recall could be in order, so check your FA list. 

Jesse Hogan (111 AF/112 SC) – FWD

Sigh. The Giants were clicking against the Crows but I’m finding it hard to gauge where the Crows are at as a fantasy matchup. The numbers thus far have suggested they haven’t exactly been a fantasy-friendly matchup but the Giants gorged on the weekend. If it is more a case of the Giants finally figuring things out, Jesse could be a handy addition. 

Darcy Fort (84 AF/102 SC) – RUCK/FWD

Joe Daniher injured his shoulder and Fort might be given more opportunity to score in the next few weeks, with appeal here also lying in his newly acquired forward status. He’s only gone under 70 (AF) once this year and should cash in on West Coa$t this week. 

Here are the illusions from round 7 that I am deeming UNWORTHY of using a waiver priority on:

Tom Lynch (146 AF/167 SC) – FWD

His highest score before this was 68 in AF and he’d only cracked 80 twice in SC. He’s only a streamer against shit teams like West Coast. 

Levi Casboult (95 AF/97 SC) – FWD

8 scoring shots? That probably won’t happen again this season, let’s be frank. 

Jack Carrol (87 AF/95 SC) – MID

I don’t know who this is and I didn’t watch the Carlton vs. North game, but he was sitting atop my UF free agents list when I sorted it by round score so I thought I’d give him a mention. He’s 19 and he only played North; don’t use a priority on him. 

That will do for now. Be sure to let us know who you grab in the comments or on the Twat: @lionelhutz4prez