Homeowners are stressed this week, with interest rates rising for the first time in over a decade. The same could be said for Mitch Duncan owners, except their interest rates in him are probably on the decline (that gag makes little to no sense but I couldn’t think of anything more witty to open with this week). You’d almost be better off trading Duncan for a MID and streaming in forwards like Handsome Tom, with the bottom line being, streaming is vital! And this article is relevant!

Anyway, this article aims to assist in filling any holes your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week streamers (perhaps longer in some cases, AKA RIVER plays) for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed.

I will list a team of players with low ownership that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 4-5-1-4 structure catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. But first, let’s see how my round 7 tips performed:


Taylore Duryea (69 AF/69 SC) – nice.

Riley Bonner (75 AF/80 SC) – he’s an awkward hold in shallow leagues but a nice D5. Stream him when the opponent calls for it. 

Kamdyn McIntosh (79 AF/102 SC) – play  _________ against West Coast.

Jack Redden (124 AF/88 SC) – Mids enjoy Richmond but I don’t know why it took Redden this long to score a ton when West Coast’s core midfield has been limping for most of the season. You can thank me in the comments for calling this one. 

Lloyd Meek (64 AF/100 SC) – punting rucks in SC is a fantastic play on draft days – and here’s why. Darcy should be back this week and Meek will be a non-factor once again. With that said, Darcy definitely ain’t playing all of the remaining games this year so keep Meek in mind when Hodor has to hit the bricks. 

Darcy Cameron (107 AF/115 SC) – was more of a waiver grab than a stream and is an obvious hold while Grundy is absent. 

Handsome Tom Lynch (146 AF/167 SC) – he went KABLAMO in his 200th and it’s no surprise he scored his highest totals of the year against We$t Coa$t. 


Lochie O’Brien (57 AF/63 SC) – I didn’t see the game and refuse to read a Carlton vs. North match report to ascertain what Lochie O’Brien did. 

I’d like to think my tips didn’t cost you any matchups this week, with my hits being sturdy with a sprinkle of boom factor. Let’s look ahead at the round 8 streamers:


Jake Bowey vs. St. Kilda – ignoring the Cairns moisture festival against Port last week, defenders have scored well on the Saints this year. We’ve seen his scoring potential a couple of times this year and makes for a worthy D5 this week. 

Will Day/Jack Scrimshaw vs. Essendon – defenders are scoring on the Bombers and with Jiath out, getting these 2 blokes on field (or off the wire in shallower leagues) is a fine play. 

Jimmy Webster vs. Melbourne – I love this guy and I could not tell you why. I guess it’s because he’s a bit of a go-to streamer for me when I need some assurance at D5. The Dees matchup is conducive to success for defenders and I reckon Webster has an 80 in him this round. 

Heath Chapman vs. North Mlebourne – he’ll be back from 2 weeks of H&S protocols and has a kind opponent in the Kangaroos. Cam liked him as a waiver pick up this round and so do I, with Freo’s game plan giving Chapman some RIVER* potential. Acres is missing as well, so there might be some points to distribution. 


Jarrod Berry vs. West Coa$t – need I say more?

Jye Caldwell vs. Hawthorn – Stringer is out and we should all know by now to play our midfielders against the Hawks. If Caldwell doesn’t get it done this week, kick his ass to the curb. 

Robbie McComb vs. Port Adelaide (LOOPHOLE) – with the Bont being a shock omission this week due to management, the mature aged McComb could see some increased opportunity after a nice 80 odd in AF last week. He’s a free bet as a Friday night player. 

David Mundy vs. North Melbourne (LOOPHOLE) – activate him in shallower leagues; that is to say, pick him up and at least loophole him. The old boy will have his chance to relive his glory days (circa 2021) against the Kangas. 

Josh Daicos vs. Richmond – outside mids love it against the Tiges and after some unimpressive scores, Daicos might be floating on wires in shallower leagues. He’s a safe 85 this week, mark these words.


Sam Hayes vs. Western Bulldogs – he’s on wires, he’s the primary ruck at Port and the Dogs are a good opponent for rucks to score on. That’s all. 


Lincoln McCarthy/Dan McStay vs. West Coa$t – need I say more? Linc the Stinc in particular loves to beat up on the weaker sides with 2 tons this year coming against North and the Suns. I’d play these 2 over the likes of Weller, Wingard and Graham.  

Sam Switkowski vs. North Melbourne (LOOPHOLE) – it should come as no shock that forwards score on the Roos and with a Friday night game, you can loop in his score accordingly. Switkowski has a nice basement too, so don’t hesitate in fielding him. 

Alex Neale-Bullen vs. St. Kilda – forwards (not of the key variety) score on the Saints and I have this gut feeling that ANB goes for 120 this week. He pops, like, 2 big tons a season and he’s due one, I reckon. 

Tom Lynch (handsome) vs. Collingwood – yes! 2 weeks in a row for Private School Tom! We don’t like him, but numbers are objective and objectively speaking, key forwards like the Pies matchup. Let’s see if Tom can keep the momentum going after a massive game last week. 

Man, I’m hungover. Finishing this article was a slog. Tell me about your streaming/drinking habits in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez

And as always, may your streams flow golden and strong!