Jack Steele owners, how are you doing? A lot worse than Zac Williams owners, I bet! And what about Caldwell coaches? His injury is a blessing in disguise I reckon, as we can finally cut our ties with what has been a failed draft-day pick. The pain levels of these injuries will vary for fantasy coaches, but the need to replace them won’t – time to get wired (that’s the first time I’ve used the title of the article within the article itself. I think I’ll make a habit of it). 

Here are the players to target with your waiver priority this week:

Connor West (114 AF/123 SC) – FWD

It’s hard to know how the shemozzle that is West Coast will lineup each week, but West saw plenty of midfield clock this week and has shown some fantasy chops in the past. I like him as a forward eligible prospect. 

Connor Budarick (81 AF/68 SC) – DEF

That’s 2 weeks in a row of useful scores from Budarick, moreso in AF than in SC. He’s playing a defensive role conducive to fantasy scoring with the only caveat I see being the eventual return of Jack Bowes. 

James Aish (108 AF/79 SC) – DEF

I don’t really know how he’s scoring amongst the other Freo defenders (Ryan, Chapman, Young etc.), but he is. He’s scored back to back AF tons and if you believe it can continue, go grab him. Personally, I’m ambivalent on the matter. 

Jackson Hately (98 AF/110) – MID

They had him playing as an inside mid and this is the role we’ve waited to see Hately in for a long time. Surely the Crows are playing for the future now, and blooding types like Hately should be a priority for them.

Ed Richards (96 AF/94 SC) – DEF

That’s 3 weeks of useful scoring from Ed Richards (moreso in SC) and he’s one that likes to get amongst the Dogs’ possession game when they are moving from defence. I wouldn’t deem him a hot pickup, but he looks okay if you want to round out your backline.

Lachie Young (90 AF/87 SC) – DEF/MID

He scored an 80 (AF) last week and was playing loose in defence this week to score well against a team that defenders have typically struggled against this year (Port). Hall’s return may stifle his scoring, but I rate the pickup until that time comes. The Roos are shambolic and should be trying some different things in the near future. 

Paddy Ryder (80 AF/94 SC) – RUCK

It took some goal kicking to build his score, but Paddy looked great in his role and if this season has taught us anything, it’s that viable rucks can become scarce quickly. Make sure he’s at least your backup ruckmen if he’s available in your leagues. 

Here are the players to not trip over your dick in chasing after their round 9 scores:

Griffin Logue (110 AF/116) – DEF

He’s scored over 70 just once before this round and it’s safe to say that a score like this is an aberration for Logue. 

Tom Papley (109 AF/108 SC) – FWD

This little bastard is fun to own, I’ll say that. But his inconsistency is not fun and I don’t give much merit to a small forward having their way with Essendon right now. 

Shane McAdam (94 AF/98 SC) – FWD

3 goals against the Lions is impressive, but he’s a small forward on a cruddy team and I just don’t see him replicating these kind of scores frequently enough to warrant fantasy relevance. 

It feels like there is a bit on offer from waiver wires this week, so don’t be coy in cutting some dead-weight! Let us know who you nab in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez