In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD, or DROP. This is based on a 10 team 22 player roster. BUY, SELL, HOLD, and DROP will apply to players that are generally owned, while ADD will cover players you may find on the waiver wire or as a free agent.

We all love the banter associated with fantasy footy, but conversation is something that is often overlooked when trading. Some Cheezel in an oversized suit once called it ‘the art of the deal’. 

Mostly, this involves creating a narrative as to why your proposed trade is a win-win and selling it to your opponent. 

When you simply put up a trade on your chosen platform, it will inevitably be met with scepticism. Another coach will know it benefits you but may not really look into how it could be good for them, focussing entirely on what they’re losing. 

That’s why spinning a narrative is so important. These conversations also open up the opportunity for counter offers, which are generally where most deals get done! You’ll see what your opponent actually wants and find some middle ground. 

Sure, through the power of persuasion you might not be able to make Noah Anderson look like the second coming of Dane Swan, but you should be able to get those 50/50 trades over the line that help you cover injuries and West Coast’s Covid merry-go-round.  

So pick up the phone, hit up your opponents’ DMs and get dealing. 

Buy: Nic Newman

For most of this year, Nic Newman has been such a nothing player. He’s not exciting to hold, he rarely exceeds expectations, and every now and again pulls a putrid game out of the bag. With Zac Williams going down however, Nic should have plenty of opportunities to seagull the ball around the half back line. He does have a ceiling, scoring 110 or above 4 times last year, and he’s not a player that will be too had to pry away from an owner if you’re looking for a handy option in defense.

Buy: Luke Davies-Uniacke (LDU)

Here’s one who you should be able to get quite cheap on account of his average of 78.8. That includes an injury-affected 14, which when removed, brings LDU up to a far more respectable 87 average. No, he’s not going to transform your season, but if you’ve lost Steele or are carrying some DPP players in the midfield you’d like to move forward or back, LDU could be a handy option that won’t cost the world. 

Buy: Karl Amon

Every week is the same story for me. I check the scores during the second or third quarter and Amon is languishing down the bottom of the stat sheet. When I tune back in, he’s inevitably near the top, having junked it up to make his way to a handy score. He also has a hell of a ceiling, going bang and scoring a whopping 148 AF (134 supercoach) in round 2.  If you’re looking for a decent midfielder below your top tier (and largely un-getable superstars), you can certainly do worse than picking up Karl.  If you’re looking for someone higher up the food chain in midfield rankings, snagging Patty Cripps might be doable after a couple of games where he was tagged. He’ll bounce back and is primed to dominate the back half of the year.

Hold: Zac Bailey

As a player, Bailey is clearly an emerging superstar. As a fantasy prospect, he’s an emotional rollercoaster. It’s been a hell of a ride this year too, with 6 scores of 85 or above and 4 of 60 or below in AF. In supercoach his ceiling is much higher, with 4 tons, one of which was 129 and the other 135, but his floor is still terrible, with scores of 64, 51, 46, and 22. We know that finding consistent, high scoring forwards in 2022 is as difficult as finding an Essendon finals win, but if you’ve got him, I’d be holding on tight, because who are you going to be able to replace him with? Unless your answer involves a better more consistent forward, there’s not much to be gained by giving him up.

Hold: Hugh McCluggage

Injured, yes, but Hugh McClugoat should only miss a week or two with a regulation hammy. He’s far too good to consider offloading. Hold till he comes back and enjoy his inevitable rise in the second half of the year! This advice really counts for any decent player that’s only missing a week or two at this stage of the season. Back them in unless their name is Luke Shuey.

Sell: Justin McInerny

Back towards the start of the year when he came back from injury, McInerny looked like he had a prime roll between the half back line and the wing, taking all of Lizard Blakey’s points and threatening to be a top tier defender. Unfortunately, He’s since been played higher and higher up the ground, with Blakey now taking kick ins and getting a lot more of the ball. Adjust accordingly and sell (or drop) J-Mac immediately.

Sell: Seb Ross

He looked like he was slowly returning to fantasy relevance in the first half of the year, but the consistency of Gresham, as well as the return of Zak Jones seem to have spelled the end for Seb Ross. Even without Steele this week he could only manage 50. You might be able to spin a narrative that he has upside until Steele comes back, but even if that’s the case, he’s unlikely to be a key part of that midfield come fantasy finals time. 

Sell: Dustin Martin

Possibly a big call and also one angled more towards AF than supercoach, but while he’s fit and firing, Dusty will have some serious trade value. The good thing for you as an owner is that his name value is higher than his fantasy output. Dusty’s scoring hasn’t been terrible, but there may be gullible coaches out there who still view him as a 100 averaging uber premium, when the reality is that he’s a solid 80 averaging forward who’ll have a few big games here and there. I certainly don’t think you have to trade him, he’ll be a handy and consistent forward for the rest of the year, but put your feelers out and if the right deal swims by, cash him in to lift your team. 

Add: Connor West

This is a really speculative one, but if you’re looking for a forward with a ceiling, you could do worse than Connor West. Currently benefitting from West Coast’s revolving door midfield policy, it’s his turn in the centre. With Luke Shuey’s hamstring as stable as an LNP candidate’s popularity in an inner-city electorate, hopefully he can pump out a few more decent scores before the midfield cavalry arrives.

Add: Jackson Hately

He’s an inside midfielder, recruited to be an inside midfielder who has finally after a year and a half been given the chance to play inside midfield. What do you know, turns out that’s his best position! In the last 3 weeks he’s averaging 85 and is well worth a look. 

Drop: Zac Williams

For a guy that’s been good but not great, there’s no point in holding on for 9 to 11 weeks at this stage of the season. Clogging up a bench spot for that period of time, right up to the eve of finals is something I’d only reserve for uber premiums, and Zachary certainly isn’t. Don’t overthink it, drop him and move on. 

Drop: Kane Lambert

Another injury hit player, Lambert was looking ok upon his return, but given it’s the same recurring injury, there’s every chance he’ll burn you again. There’s too much risk and his upside is a solid 80. He’s not going to win you a round with a big score either. I’m very comfortable kicking him to the curb.