Get Wired returns after a week of not being written and I’m sorry that you had to scour your wires alone last week. There’s always what the lads have to say on the pod, I guess. Anyway, it’s officially Harry Himmelberg Acquisition Week, but he’s also on a bye in round 12 – what to do!?

These are the players to activate your priorities for in the wake of round 11:

Harry Himmelberg (101 AF/126 SC) – FWD

He’s had a clear roll change (key forward to intercepting defender) since Cameron’s departure and the only reason to not grab Himmy this round is your bye situation. Are you sitting pretty on the ladder? So much that it affords you the luxury to acquire a donut this week? If that’s a yes, grab Himmy with haste. 

James Jordon (91 AF/97 SC) – MID

So Harmes will be out until after his round 14 bye (most likely), making Jordon a useful option during rounds 12 and 13. He has 2 90+ AF scores in the last 3 weeks and if you need a mid during the byes, I like Jordon for the job. 

Jake Bowey (87 AF/61 SC) – DEF

He experienced his first loss on the weekend, and that may have been because his defensive compatriot, Steven May, was hurt and subbed out early. May looks set to miss time, and is a great reason to grab Bowey if he was dropped in your league. Bowey caught our attention with some nice scoring early in the year, then kept our attention because Warney owned him in an #offbrand game and now, well, he should have your attention, at least for the bye period.

Sam De Koning (83 AF/75 SC) – FWD/DEF

Has SDK become a draft option? Maybe in SC. His DPP could be handy during the byes and plays West Coast in that span. He’s a deeper league pick suited more for SC.

Cam Rayner (79 AF/98 SC) – FWD

That’s 2 weeks of sufficient scoring from Rayner and he might keep it up with McCluggage out during the Byes. I’m not scrambling to make room for Rayner, but he could make for fine cover until round 14. 

Jarrod Berry (133 AF/127 SC) – MID

Crikey! Someone likes it when McCluggage is out and as a Lions guy, it ain’t me. With the round 14 bye, Berry could be great shallow league cover right now. 

Nick Hind (89 AF/117 SC) – DEF

He’d had a stinker of a start to 2022 and could well have been dropped in your league. He’s been serviceable since returning from omission after round 7, particularly in SC, and is worth a pickup if he is available on your wire. 

Here and 3 guys you should consider as fraudulent (don’t use a waiver priority on them):

James Peatling (89 AF/96 SC) – DEF

Yes, he’s scored well in the last 2 weeks, but in his other 2 games (played in rounds 3 and 4), he went 45 and 24 (AF). It took him 3 goals to build his score this week and with Taranto to come back I just don’t see this production as sustainable*. He also has the bye this coming round. 

*These thoughts are mine only, and could be very wrong.

Bailey Williams (88 AF/105 SC) – DEF

A leopard doesn’t change his spots. With 2 rosterable scores in the last 2 games, Williams looks like a hot pickup this week, but he is not. He routinely puts together these eye-catching patches of form, only to revert to his mean soon after. Williams also played West Coast this week; a team I could score 75 (AF) on. 

Mitch Owens (95 AF/89 SC) – MID

He’s a no. He’s a rookie who could score a 30 next week. Owens took advantage of the Roos and even nabbed a couple of goals. He also has the bye this week.

As always, let us know who you nab in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez

Happy hunting!