Being a bye round with only two thirds of teams playing, I’ve adjusted this week’s dozen deals accordingly, with 8 deals instead of the usual 12. Hopefully there’s still some food for thought for your trades this week!

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In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD, or DROP. This is based on a 10 team 22 player roster. BUY, SELL, HOLD, and DROP will apply to players that are generally owned, while ADD will cover players you may find on the waiver wire or as a free agent.

After the byes, there won’t be many rounds left until finals time. With more than half the season completed, we also have a significant amount of data. That means that it’s time to have a general think about matchups in the latter rounds and finals, depending on your team’s ladder position. If you’re sitting in the box seat, firmly entrenched in the finals, you might want to keep in mind that in the final three rounds of the season, the Cats, Freo and the Crows all play a West Coast team that looks as cooked as the Melbourne/Sydney property market. The Roos haven’t been a lot better and face the Swans, Crows and the Suns in the last portion of the year. These matchups shouldn’t dictate your trades entirely but can be a handy tiebreaker or help guide you to some tasty matchup targets, particularly for second tier players. If we look at Adelaide for example, we know that Rory Laird would score consistent tons against anyone. Players with more variance however, like Brodie Smith, Tex Walker, or Jackson Hately, could be handy at the business end of the season. Don’t give away premiums to get these guys in, but if you’re looking to fill out the last spots on field, they may well return great value when you need them most.

Buy: Andrew Gaff

For a guy who generally averages over 100, and has averaged over 110 multiple times, this season has been an unmitigated disaster for the usually reliable Gaff. An average of 83 is 20 points under what owners would have been hoping for, with injury derailing his year to date. Digging a little deeper however, he’s started the season with scores of 100 and 98, before having a 3-week spell and returning as the substitute. He’s since been playing himself back into form, scoring 70, 82, and 107 in the last three weeks. I really like how he’s trending, and if he can stay fit, could well average over 100 for the rest of the year. There are only 22 players in the competition averaging over 100, so buy low before his value rises too much more. Gaff has the bye this week too, which could tip the trade balance in your favor if there’s a desperate coach out there needing points to get them over the line.

Buy: Ed Langdon

Finding decent midfielders to round out your team has been as tough as Jason Horne-Francis’ contract negotiations, which means finding underpriced mids to trade for is more important than ever. One player who constantly seems to slip under the radar is Ed Langdon. His time on ground numbers are insane, and he runs so far up and down the length of the ground, that he is generally guaranteed to pick up enough of the ball to build a decent score. Ed’s current average of 83 (85.2SC) looks underwhelming at first glance, but in his 11 games there are two real outliers. One was an injury affected 27, and the other was a 38 in round 7 where he copped a hard tag; a tactic unlikely to be repeated. Without those two shockers, his average shoots up to 94.2 (94.8SC), which is a much better indicator of his scoring power. With the right deal, you may be able to snag a mid 90s guy for a price 10 points lower, a massive win!

Buy: Harry Morrison

Lastly, with cost-of-living pressures and interest rates on the rise, I thought I’d throw in a budget option, who shouldn’t cost you much at all. In some shallower leagues, he may even be floating around the waivers. Harry Morrison is averaging a respectable 79.3, making him a handy F3-4 for a lot of coaches. While he hasn’t shown a ceiling, what I really like is his floor; he doesn’t score below 60 often (59 is his lowest this year). He’s certainly not a sexy pick, but if you’re desperate for points and need to cover a bye player, Harry M could ensure you don’t lose out badly in a trade.

Sell: David Mundy

For a guy who’s about to celebrate his 37th birthday (not a typo), the fact that Mundy is still fieldable with an average of 78.7 (83.7SC) is crazy! While he’s been a serviceable streamer/M7 this season, Fyfe’s return is imminent, and there’s no real upside to his scoring, other than the fact that he can occasionally pop and score a handy ton. I’d be trading him this week to someone who needs the points.

Hold: Sean Darcy

Big Sean’s scores have been all over the place in the last month, with a 5-game average of 92 AF, including 2 games over 120 and 2 games under 70 (his 45 last week was a shocker). In supercoach, the effect is even greater, with a high of 178 and a low of 51 in the last 5 weeks giving him a 5-game average of 112.6. Freo played Meek as the number one ruck this week, which suggests that something wasn’t quite right with Darcy, but he’s so important to them that they fielded him anyway. Let’s hope it was just a bit of a sniffle and he’ll be back dominating the middle of the ground this week. With the ceiling he’s shown, I wouldn’t be looking to offload him any time soon.

Hold: Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore has been something of a revelation this year, averaging 98 from his first 8 games, including 4 tons and no scores under 70. Since then, however, he’s only managed a 4-game average of 68 (75 SC) with a high of 88 (101 SC). If he doesn’t return a decent score or two in the next few weeks, I’d certainly start to think about a trade while his average remains up there with the top 15 forwards in the game, but for now, unless you get a crazy deal for a premium player, it’s worth holding on to see if he bounces back.

Add: Sam Menegola

With teams desperate for wins, scouring the free agent list with a fine-tooth comb could pay off handsomely. Some decent players who have the bye this week may have been kicked to the curb, or others could slip completely under the radar. One needle hidden in the free agent haystack is Sam Menegola. He’s back playing in the VFL, and has recently turned 30, which means the Cats will be keen for him to limp into their lineup to inject some ‘young’ blood. History tells us he’ll probably average over 80, which is fieldable for almost anyone. Grab him, stash him for a week, and hope that dodgy knee holds up!

Drop: Brayden Fiorini

It breaks my heart to make this call about Goaterini, but when the long-running ‘who gets a game ahead of Fiorini’ segment is returning names like Alex Davies, Nick Holman, and Charlie Ballard (who are any of these players?) it’s time to cut and run. Yes, he could return at the back end of the year and score 6 consecutive tons, but he could well end up playing out the season in the VFL, biding his time until another club decides they need a midfielder capable of racking up 38 ineffective disposals. Unless you are in a league as deep as the Mariana Trench, free up a spot on your bench and return the goat to roam the fertile pastures of the free agent list.