Well I spent the long weekend in a boozy haze, and today I am writing from a personal nadir. The start was a lot of fun, then one hangover compounds into another and the end result is shame and dismay. It’s been similar to owning Bailey Smith, I guess, in that 10 weeks ago you’ve got the steal of the draft and now? Who really knows? Anyway, with one week of the byes left, most teams will have gaps to fill, so let’s get wired.

These are the players worthy of your waiver priority this week:

Tanner Bruhn (102 AF/127 SC) – FWD/MID

He benefited from the North Melbourne boost this week, but Tanner has shown signs of fantasy chops in the past. He plays mostly forward for the Giants, with stints in the middle, and while the likes of Hopper and Taranto are down, could hold some value. Bruhn has had his bye and faces the Dogs this week. 

Ben Hobbs (79 AF/83 SC) – FWD/MID

Another forward/midfield rotator, Hobbs scored nicely in a losing team on Friday night. His scoring potential may increase with the absence of Parish, who took a calf knock early and will be in doubt to play this coming round. If you want to hold Hobbs for 2 weeks, you will have him for a matchup on West Coast after he plays the Saints this week. 

Oleg Markov (DNP) – DEF

He’d be scoring OKAY before his bye, and could be used more out of defence with Weller being tragically struck down with an ACL. With that said, Bowes is set to return as well, so Markov is probably more of an add if you’re in need of a defender for the last bye round. 

Conor Budarick (DNP) – DEF

Just transpose here what I just wrote about Markov. Budarick has the added appeal of taking some kick-ins though, and scored a solid 80 odd (AF) before his bye. 

Tyson Stengle (DNP) – FWD

Usually, a pick like this would be more of a ‘Stream Team’ thing, but you have to get active on wires early in the week during the byes due to player scarcity. I’m calling Stengle a worthy use of your waiver priority because he plays West Coast this week, then Richmond and North Melbourne.

Jeremy Finlayson (78 AF/88 SC) – FWD

I featured him as a streamer last week because of Hayes’ absence, and it seems as though Port could continue with a ruckmen-free setup given some of the comments from the coaching staff after the game. Finlayson didn’t win a grand amount of hitouts, but his work around the ground increased, allowing him more freedom to get touches. 

Here are the tricks to your treats from round 13, that is to say, they can be left on the wire:

Mason Cox (101 AF/109 SC) – FWD/RUC

Ironically, I had to remove my sunglasses to make sure what I was seeing from Cox was actually happening. Think Sam Neill in Jurassic Park when he first lays eyes on the brachiosaurus… Look, we all love seeing big Coxy get to business, but a fantasy player he is not. His low TOG is reason enough to not make this add, as consistent scoring simply can’t be relied on here. 

Curtis Taylor (87 AF/74 SC) – MID/FWD

This guy has tempted me a few times in the past, only to fail as a pickup. You just can’t bank on any of the mediocre North guys producing week to week. 

Jack Newnes (87 AF/86 SC) – MID

Nahhhhhh. Just nah.

We are almost out of the woods, and it will be nice to have a full allotment of players to choose from next week.The bye carnage is fun when you’re on the right end of it, and leaves you feeling helpless and alone when you’re not… but enough about me! Let us know who you like on the wire this week, either here in the comments or over on the twat: @lionelhutz4prez. 

Happy hunting, y’all!