So how did your bye rounds go? Better than Wil Powell’s, I hope. Yeesh. Anyway, the most important thing to do regarding the wire this week is scouring for all of those players who may have been dropped in desperation by those fighting for wins. Other than that, we are business as usual again! So let’s get wired.

Here are my candidates for waiver priority use this week:

Jeremy Finlayson (77 AF/122 SC) – FWD

Just in case, go look at your wire for this guy, who may have been dropped when Port named an actual ruckmen. Said actual ruckmen also blew out his own shoulder, meaning Finlayson may become Port’s primary ruck again. 

Jack Bowes (29 AF/35 SC) – DEF

Ignore the scores – he was the medi-sub. And with Budarick and Powell (yeesh) going down, GC will have a backline not exactly replete with scorers in the near future. I saw Bowes dropped once he was named sub in one of my leagues, so you might still be able to nab him. 

Peter Wright (89 AF/115 SC) – FWD

I’m not sure how much I believe in that performance by Essendon, but they have West Coast this week, who in fairness did look better against Geelong, but the fact remains; they’ve sucked for a long while now. The potential Bombers revival, coupled with the opponent, and I don’t mind the idea of getting in early on 2MP this week. 

Xavier Duursma (72 AF/51 SC) – MID

It looks like Butters may miss some time, and Duursma could be the one to fill the void. He did his scoring in 54% gametime and although a little rusty, you can’t ignore those numbers. 

Marlion Pickett (86 AF/68 SC) – MID

I see people finding his inclusion on the Champion Data elite players list to be comical, but he’s actually a very good wingman if you watch him attentively. Pickett hasn’t shown an overly lucrative fantasy game in the past, but he’s coming off 2 decent scores and who knows? Maybe this is the start of his fantasy career. 

Jake Watermen (88 AF/95 SC) – FWD

He’s probably more of an SC guy given his style of play up forward, but with West Coast looking more adept on the weekend, and a score of 77 the game prior, I don’t dislike this play in general. If the Eagles can find some form, so could Watermen.  

Here are the mirages, AKA the players to ignore, coming out of round 14:

Cody Weightman (80 AF/100 SC) – FWD

It doesn’t appear as though many folk like this kid, so minimal persuasion here will be required here. He kicked 5 goals in a very open game in building his score and I just don’t see him being in any way reliable. 

Shane McAdam (82 AF/80 SC) – FWD

He looked alright but I don’t love the idea of rotating forwards on the Crows right now. His only other noteworthy score was a 94 (AF) in round 9 against the Lions. 

Lachlan Keefe (80 AF/75 SC) – DEF

He moved into the number one ruck role after Preuss hurt himself and you’d imagine Flynn coming straight back into the ruck role, sending Keefe back to whatever role he typically plays. 

The byes are over – how does your team look? Good? Great! I’m @lionelhutz4prez on Twitter if you want to discuss adds and drops. Until next time. Catch ya!