Byes are done, but the short term layoffs certainly are not. We were already dealing with the absenteeism of Gawn, Bailey Sniff (as my grade 7s call him… What a world), Dangerfield and a few other fantasy relevant names. That list only grew this week with the likes of Butters, English and Preuss adding themselves to it! Chaos for some teams, but without this sort of chaos, we wouldn’t have a reason to stream, and no reason to stream would mean I wouldn’t have a reason to write these words that I hope some people read on a weekly basis. 

Anyway, this article aims to assist in filling any holes your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week streamers (perhaps longer in some cases, AKA RIVER plays) for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed.

I will list a team of players with low ownership that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 4-5-1-4 structure catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. But first, let’s see how my round 14 tips performed:


Isaac Smith (81 AF/95) – he started slowly but managed to get rolling in the second half. Smith is a hold, even in shallower leagues. 

Jye Caldwell (98 AF/114 SC) – another shallow league stream that people hopefully prioritized. He’s a hold and play across all leagues while Parish is sidelined. 

Rhys Stanley (77 AF/95 SC) – ohhh how I love big Rhys for providing me with so much content to fill out this article every second week or so. 


Ed Richards (51 AF/51 SC) – I expected more in what was quite an open game. Hunter’s return may bury Richards too far down the depth chart so feel free to cut. 

Wil Powell (45 AF/49 SC) – the Wil with one ‘L’, and now one leg. Yeesh. He would have probably featured in the ‘Hits’ section if he didn’t clean snap his leg, as he got his scoring done in 48% gametime. 

Sam Taylor (41 AF/74 SC) – well he didn’t follow the ‘key defenders against the Dogs’ trend that had formed of late, now did he? I just hope you took him in SC…

Yeahhhh, nah, clearly not the best production from the Stream Team this week, as there were no ‘HITS’ that I can say I’m genuinely proud of. All of my defensive suggestions went bust so I’m happy to forget all about this week and move along to next. Here is who i like for round 15:


Tom Doedee vs. North Melbourne – this is an option for deeper leagues and should play better in your SC formats. Doedee won’t score you a massive ton, but his basement shouldn’t do you too much harm either. 

Marcus Adams vs. Melbourne – this is more about ‘defenders against Melbourne’ than it is about Adams himself. Adams is similar to Doedee in that he won’t pump you out a match-winning score, but should provide enough as coverage if you need to fill a slot. 

Ed Richards vs. Hawthorn – Duryea has hurt himself and will miss a fair chunk of time, so there is some RIVER potential here. I expected more from Richards in the GWS game just gone, given how early Duryea went down, however the game style didn’t seem to lend itself to high scores for the Dogs’ defenders. Expect more from Richards this week with the fruitful matchup on the Hawks. 

Liam Duggan vs. Essendon – with a fine matchup for defenders, and a backline bereft of Witherden and McGovern, Duggan, who has been disappointing so far this season, could have a chance to bounce back starting this week. The caveat here is Yeo’s injection into the backline, but Duggan could still score well as Yeo isn’t at his ball-winning best right now. 


Jake Soligo vs. North Melbourne – yeah, I don’t like to stream in rookies either (and this feels awkwardly off-brand of me), but the kid has displayed some scoring tendencies and faces the easiest team to score on this round. This could be a fun play – one of those plays you really rub in the face of your opponent if it works. 

Sam Durham vs. West Coast – this tip, like Soligo, is for deeper leagues. Now I’m not sure if West Coast have turned a corner yet, so I’ll still advocate for playing basically anyone against them. Durham looked good for a 60 odd (AF) last week and I like the way in which he hits all stat lines. This is far from my most confident play this week, but if you’re scraping the bottom of the ol’ barrel, I have no aversion to Durham. 

Lachie Hunter vs. Hawthorn – yes, he’s missed 9 rounds of footy now, but I’m sure he used his time off to better his former self (I reckon he still gambled and hedonistically self-abused, just to a lesser, more subtle extent). Hmm, this is getting dangerously close to AFL media-grade writing, so I’ll conclude by saying outside mids enjoy playing the Hawks and there is still a Bailey Smith shaped hole to fill in the Dogs’ squad. 

James Harmes vs. Brisbane – to my surprise, the Lions had become a fruitful matchup for inside mids leading up to their bye. After a couple of forgettable scores most recently, Harmes may have been dropped through the byes and could be a handy little M5-7 this round. 

Marlion Pickett vs. Geelong – Geelong also shocked me with regards to who can score well on them, and in this case it’s outside mids. The game is slated as a Cats home game but will be played on the expansive swathes of the MCG, where I can see Pickett scoring an 80 odd. 


Jordon Sweet vs. Hawthorn – English will miss this week and Hawthorn aren’t exactly rolling out an elite ruck division at the moment. I imagine Sweet gets the call-up but if Stef does, I still wouldn’t stream Stef, as he is well past done with his fantasy relevant days, let me tell you.


Jesse Hogan vs. Collingwood – is that 2, perhaps, 3 weeks in a row for Jesse now? I know what you’re thinking here: “stop pissing in Steve’s pocket, Matty. You don’t HAVE to be so on-brand ALL the time…” Well, fuck! The Giants look better, he has an opponent that key forwards hit on and I, who yes, like Steve, just enjoys a bit of Jesse on my field!

Shane McAdam vs. North Melbourne – I played spin the bottle in my head with Crows forwards and here is where I landed. Rachel (get it?) is averaging almost 2 goals a game in his last 6 and does build his score across every stat line. See, some actual research did go into this one. 

Peter Wright vs. West Coast – again, West Coast did look a little better last week, but so did Essendon. Wright cashed in with a fine score across all formats and the data suggests he could do the same this week. 2MP does have BOOM scores in him, and always makes for a decent F5 streamer when the matchup is there. 

Michael Walters vs. Carlton – Walters’ ilk of player scores well on the Blues, and coming off some nice scoring before his bye, could be available as a worthwhile stream this week. The Fyfe inclusion may aid the scoring of guys like Walters, and he’s worth a pickup as a potential RIVER play in my humble opinion. 

Boy it was nice having a full allotment of teams to choose streamers from this week! So now that we are over the bye humps, we should all know where we stand in our leagues. Some of us can hold our injured guys, whereas some have to be aggressive and get active in trading or playing the wire (which is also a cool show about cops and drug dealers in Baltimore that I’ve finally gotten around to watching lately). In any case, hit us up for some discussion in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez. 

And as always, may your streams flow golden and strong!