There were some entertaining games of footy this weekend, in case you haven’t been on one of the AFL’s gazillion media outlets. Is all the rule tampering finally paying dividends? I don’t care, I haven’t been a footy fan in years; it’s just a necessity for an online game I like to play… Juuust kidding, I love my footy, and I hope my sardonic tone is properly received here. Anyway, I’m here to get wired, not get serious about the state of the game…

Here are my priority targets in the wake of round 15:

Scott Lycett (DNP) – RUCK

He may be back a little sooner than expected and with a paucity of decent, solo rucks going around right now, could have some value moving forward. 

Jamaine Jones (85 AF/95 SC) – FWD/MID

He’s seeing time in the backline right now – a backline lacking the impetus of pace and skill. With the Eagles still being pretty bad, but looking a little better, someone like Jones could really benefit in the near future.

James Harmes (87 AF/103 SC) – MID

He’s still 80% owned on UF, but I’ve seen him dropped in a couple of my competitive leagues recently, so have a look for him. Harmes was tagging Neale and looked great going both ways in this game, so perhaps he could improve on his averages from here on. 

Ps. Harmes autocorrects to Hermes which tickles me being a Futurama fan. 

Jack Henry (61 AF/89 SC) – DEF

He played forward in this game but with Tom Stewart missing time, may have to move down back and play Stewart’s role while he misses time. Honestly, you could probably let waivers clear and add this guy as a FA, especially in AF scoring formats. Zac Guthrie is also worthy of mention but he’s owned in all of my comps – how about yours?

Rhylee West (112 AF/121 SC) – FWD

Why is his name spelt like that? I bet he hates it. Anyway, it took 3 goals for Riley (there you go, mate) to build these scores but he also had a 74 (AF) the round prior, so there could be a little something here, at least while Bailey Smith is doing nothing but sleeping with influencers for the next 2 weeks. Does Hunter’s return affect West’s scoring? Hmmmm.

Jesse Hogan (89 AF/101 SC) – FWD


And here are the guys people might waste a priority pick on this week:

Oli Florent (115 AF/87 SC) – DEF/MID

Goddamnit, Oli. I’ve said it before but it must suck owning this guy in keepers, and as for single season leagues go, well, he’ll just continue to be passed around via the wire. He was playing a half-back role but I believe it had more to do with ‘defenders against the Saints’ than it did Oli’s scoring prowess. 

Darcy Fogarty (105 AF/121 SC) – FWD

Key forward on crap team beats up on even crappier team. No thanks. 

Jack Newnes (94 AF/100 SC) – MID

Now given his scoring of late (79 AF average in his last 5 games), this might seem like a poor take. However, his 2 useful scores have come from playing an outside midfield game in the absence of Adam Cerra. Add to that the milestone bump he gets from his teammates for playing his 200th on the weekend, and here my friends, you have merely the illusion of an asset.

Let the team know how you go on your wires this week in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez. Actually, especially on Twitter; I’ve read enough about Tom Stewart and appalling abortion laws for now.