If there is one thing we like to do here at the Draft Doctors is double down. You all thought @lionelhutz4prez would be back for another stellar edition of get wired. But you’d be wrong. After Jono delivered an outstanding Stream Team article, the powers to be decided to give him a crack at the waiver wire pick ups for the week. So here we go.

Harry Morrison (82 AF/59 SC)- Mid/Fwd

Had a good matchup and scored well in AF. Up against North this week where he has a plus matchup, should be on your radar if you need to plug a hole leading into your finals or if you are in the middle of your finals.

Kyle Langford (71 AF/94 SC) – Mid

Speaking of double downs. Langford has been good in his last 2 weeks with a 108/71 AF and 107/94 SC. With a good matchup against Collingwood, should see Langford continue to score well for you in that M7 slot.

Zac Fisher (101 AF/94 SC)Mid/Fwd

The thing with half forward roles is that their range is wide. Depending on the matchup it can be good or bad. Fisher and the Blues are playing GWS. I’d have no problem rolling him out against the Giants, especially after the crap they dished up against Brisbane.

Callum Wilkie (123 AF/134 SC) – Def

God I love it when I get a pick right. Went the reverse Amber Heard (whatever that is) against the Dogs and is rolling into the Eagles who have been giving it up to defenders as well. If he’s there, pick him up.

Ed Richards (90 AF/114 SC) – Def

Returned to form after injury and a quiet patch. In the absence of Caleb Daniel, Richards has gotten the bump and looks comfortable playing off the half back.

@lionelhutz4prez will be back next week, but who knows, he may just need another week to make sure his shoe in of the week doesn’t get a proper run.