Firstly, a big thanks has to go out to Jono for taking over the Stream Team writing duties last week. I took a little trip to Adelaide where I drank pricey craft beer, ate slow-cooked meats and bopped along at the edge of a Bodyjar mosh pit because I’m 35 and brittle. I also witnessed Rory Laird get his hug on, as well as Nick Diacos exhibiting his scarily auspicious talents from the hill at Adelaide Oval. Anywho, this isn’t a travel journal, and I’m not a fantastic story teller, so let’s just get to business. 

This article aims to assist in filling any holes your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week streamers for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed.

I will list a team of players with low ownership that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 4-5-1-4 structure catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. But first, let’s see how Jono’s round 18 tips performed:


Callum Wilkie (123 AF/134 SC) – you would have seen Jono’s victory lap on Twitter, but it was warranted here. That’s some serious BOOM coming from your D5 slot. 

Kyle Langford (71 AF/94 SC) – I’ll pay this one because of the SC score. He did kick 0.3 though, which was the reason this wasn’t a serious hit. I’d hold Langford, but keep expectations low considering his forward role; Essendon’s good recent form won’t last, in my opinion. 

Hugh Greenwood (87 AF/102 SC) – Greenwood has been scoring well recently and perhaps benefited from that new coach bump us fantasy players love. Hugh is a hold in all leagues for now. 

Darcy Fort (87 AF/112 SC) – I gave this tip the ‘shoe-in’ on Jono’s behalf… has the curse been lifted? I streamed Fort everywhere and was very pleased, but his relevance is merely ephemeral with the Big O returning. 


Isaac Quaynor (DNP) – I typically wouldn’t list a DNP in the ‘misses’ section but there was no other player I could list here (hats off, Jono!). Quaynor missed with H&S protocols. 

With no matchup-ruining misses to speak of, and a juicy Callum Wilkie flavoured hit, I must take my hat off to Jono for his Stream Team contributions in my absence. In my defence, he did only list about half the players I usually do, so the margin for error was thinner. This ain’t your gig just yet, pal! I’d had a few lean weeks before last so hopefully I can take the baton from Jono at full stride and bink a few good scores this week. Here’s who I like for round 19:


Ed Richards vs. Melbourne – I’ve really enjoyed streaming Ed this season (minus the accursed ‘shoe-in’ incident), having success with him across multiple leagues last week. Caleb Daniel is still out and defenders match up well against the Dees. So you know what? I’m giving Ed his second ‘shoe-in of the week’ nomination and he will reverse the curse of shoes yonder! 

Blake Hardwick vs. North Melbourne (LOOPHOLE) – Defenders get it done on the Roos, despite the floggings they get (last week excluded). Hardwick has had 2 respectable scores in the last fortnight and with Impey playing up forward and CJ out, has a clear avenue to good scoring this round. 

Lachlan Young vs. Hawthorn (LOOPHOLE) – West Coast’s top 3 scorers against the Hawks last week were defenders, and Young has had decent scores in the past 2 rounds. He hasn’t shown the highest ceiling so far, but an 85+ is well within his capabilities, especially with Aaron Hall still absent from the side. Bailey Scott is one worth considering here too, if I was to hedge my bets. 

Liam Duggan vs. St Kilda – the Saints are a fine matchup for opposition defenders, and despite being a painfully boring player to own/watch/mention the name of (Duggan is such a shit last name), his floor shouldn’t harm you and a 90+ isn’t out of the question. 


Josh Ward vs. North Melbourne (LOOPHOLE) – surely the Roos crash after the sugar hit of last week’s win, and with Ward coming off a mammoth 133 (AF) last round, could keep the music playing with his propitious matchup for midfielders this week. 

Jye Caldwell vs. Collingwood – with Parish still out, and a soft opponent in the Pies, I believe Caldwell can regain some credibility after what has been a largely underwhelming year for the highly touted prospect. Activate him in shallower leagues where you may have him as part of a 50/50 on-field call to make.

Jacob Hopper vs. Carlton – I hope you checked your wires once teams were announced, because in addition to Kelly’s absence, Tom Green is being managed and will also miss. Not that I give too much credence to team sheets, but Hopper is named on the ball and after warming up the legs in his first game back last week, could be ready to get back to his 90+ ways. 

Lochie O’brien vs GWS – if you read this article regularly, you’d know that Lochie O is a bit of a go-to for me. The reality here is this: mid-only players of use are scarcely found on waiver wires past about round 6, particularly in your typical 5-7-1-5 leagues, and Lochie is simply always there. Importantly, Hewett is missing this week, and with an AF average of 71, a decent matchup, and the potential to bink a 90+, Lochie is once again a handy little M7 stopgap. 

Miles Bergman vs. Geelong – he has a 3 round average of 76 (AF) and in my opinion, is one to watch for the future, as this could be just the tip of the BERG… ugh. Bonner is out, which may benefit Bergman, but most of all, I like the way in which he hits all stat lines – a key indicator for good fantasy footballers. 


Sam Draper vs. Collingwood – goal of the year candidate, S. Draper, is coming off of his highest score of the season (only 88 AF, but the statement aids my case here) and he strikes me as the type of bloke who runs on moxie. With a big stage performance against the Pies to come, who also play as a decent matchup for ruckmen (keep an eye out for the Grundy inclusion), Drape could snag another 80+ score. He could also hurt you with a 30 so it’s really up to you if you want to take this risk. 


Mitch Lewis vs. North Melbourne (LOOPHOLE) – this guy has a 4 week pattern of good-shit-good-shit scoring and with the Roos on deck, science states that he’s due his good week as per the pattern. 

Will Hayward vs. Adelaide – with a solid 3 round average, Hayward faces a Crows team languishing at the arse end of the ladder. Conversely, Sydney need to perform and they will want to make a mediterranean dip out of an easy-beat team this week. As a number of leagues are amongst finals now, I like the safety of this stream given Hayward’s recent form and soft opponent. 

Ben Brown vs. Bulldogs – this tip is purely based on how key forwards have performed on the Dogs so far this season. With that said, Brown’s highest AF score came last week (78) and obviously, that’s nothing to crow about, but it could be some sign of upcoming form, maybe? I’m probably 25% confident here. I’d call this stream a desperation play more suited for SC but hey, if he kicks a bag, it could be a stroke of genius. 

Tyson Stengle vs. Port Adelaide – the Melbourne forwards scored servicably against Port last week (Kosi kicked a bag, ICYMI) and it feels as though their race has just about been run for 2022. Stengle is on the fringes in deeper leagues and should be good for a solid F5 type 70-80 score.

Ed Richards, the shoe will be redeemed by thee, and I fully expect all the praise when this pays off for you in your fantasy finals. All the best for your finals campaigns, fellow streamers, and be sure to get me in the comments or on Twitter (@lionelhutz4prez) as I’ll be sober and available this weekend. 

And as always, may your streams flow golden and strong!