Shiver me timbers! There were some cracking games of footy over the weekend and it was nice to be home in Victoria to watch them (relatively) sober. In Fantasyland, I’m looking great in 2 out of my 3 leagues and need a total miracle in the other. What does this mean to you? It means my motivation will still be high in digging around the FA list for handy pick ups this week, so let’s get wired.

Here are the payers you should move on with your priority pick:

Ed Richards (106 AF/126 SC) – DEF

*pats self on back so hard I splutter* 

Yes, the once maligned ‘shoe-in of the week’ candidate flipped the script on the weekend, officially attaining my boy status from this ‘humble’ fantasy writer. He’s had a promotion from Stream Teamer to wire grab, with the only caveat being the impending return of Caleb Daniel. 

Blake Acres (96 AF/75 SC) – MID

Probably more of a shallower league option here. Acres looked back to scoring form on Friday night and with Nat Fyfe going down, should only see more chances to get himself the footy.

Harry Mckay (98 AF/119 SC) – FWD

I love this pickup for SC leagues as Harry takes on the hapless Crows next round. The Sydney forwards scored more than adequately on Adelaide last round and that was a wet game, so Harry should get to business if the weather is nice at AO. 

Dylan Stephens (108 AF/118 SC) – MID

What a game from Sydney’s young outside midfielder! He faces GWS next, and just go and look at what the likes of Cerra and Setterfield did to them last game. 

Matt Guelfi (81 AF/89 SC) – MID/FWD

That’s 3 weeks in a row of good forward scoring from the guy who doesn’t look like someone I’d want to have a quiet beer with (more like 15). The power of the peroxide is up here and he has North on deck. He’s only 33% owned on UF. 

Sam Draper (79 AF/102 SC) – RUCK

A favourite of mine for the stream team, the Drapist is now averaging ~80 AF from the last 2 rounds and as if you don’t want to win a fantasy flag with this bloke on your team. He just screams “pull my hair and call me Sally, baby!”

Lachlan Young (85 AF/96 SC) – DEF/MID

I’ll close with a guy who has hurt me a couple of times already this season. He’s good at showing promise, then unzipping his pants and pissing all over said promise. However, he’s been a rosterable player for 3 weeks now so if you need a defender, have a dip. Just don’t come crying to me when he drops a 20 and tanks your team in finals. 

These guys are mutton dressed as lamb, that is to say, avoid using a priority on them:

Bailey J Williams (108 AF/90 SC) – RUCK/FWD

He was the big dog in the ruck division for West Coast on the weekend, with breaks facilitated by Josh Rotham (what the fuck?). Someone actually DM’d me predicitng the Rotham move, so hats off to you, sir. Yes, Williams’ scoring was splendid this round, but he hadn’t scored over 63 AF before this game and is not someone I’d want in my side this time of year. He faces Witts this week, just to drive my agenda home here. 

Jack Gunston (118 AF/136 SC) – FWD

I just listened to the podcast over lunch and heard Stato recommend this pick up – I disagree. Gunston has been turbulently inconsistent this year, with 2 AF scores in the 20s (one of which came against his next opponent in St Kilda). Don’t rely on Stato or Jack here; you’ll be better off in your matchup for it. 

Aliir Aliir (102 AF/117 SC) – DEF

With averages of 55 AF and 74 SC, a key defender like Aliir is not someone to pick up for a reliable score (perhaps in SC, if the opponent suits a defender’s scoring). 

My ‘Get Wired’ and ‘Stream Team’ pieces are overlapping more as a Venn Diagram every week, as at this stage, it’s worth using a waiver on someone with a tempting stream match up. Hit me up in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez