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CBAs: Centre Bounce Attendances – Round 17. AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach GOLD.

Another big week of fantasy footy action means another huge week of centre bounce attendances — the best stat in ALL of fantasy! A centre bounce attendance (CBA) is recorded when a player attends the centre bounce at the beginning of a quarter or following a goal and can give us an idea of which

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CBAs: Centre Bounce Attendances – Round 16. AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach GOLD.

Centre Bounce Attendances, better known as CBAs, may as well be defined as the lifeblood of fantasy footy fanatics around Australia. We crave the stat more than Bevo craves a role change. CBAs can tell us which players are spending primary time in the midfield, providing us an opportunity to interpret whether a dip or

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CBAs: Centre Bounce Attendances. AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach GOLD.

AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach nerds rejoice… there is finally a place to find your favourite stat — CBAs — right here at The Draft Doctors! The Centre Bounce Attendance, better known within the fantasy community using its abbreviation CBA, is a statistic that measures the amount of times a player is present at a centre

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