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2020 Draft Kit

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0 thoughts on “2020 Draft Kit

  1. Hi guys,

    What is the deal with bye rounds for Supercoach players in a 10 team league? Does every player count?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hey boys, love the pod.

    If you could only pick up one Who would you choose between picking up and holding short or bennel or going for someone like Brodie or sier?

    I’m not playing byes.


  3. Hey fellas, love the articles. Im an UF category based player. Recently Westhoff was dropped to the waivers. I have quite a strong backline and my extra bench player is a back so looking to drop one for him and he would become that extra player which would now be a forward. Who would you drop from J MacMillan, L Weller, C Mills, Brod Smith, H Hartlett, H Cunningham or J Harbrow? Currently I have Harbrow going and defintely not dropping R Laird. Cheers

      1. How far away is Cunningham you think? I know he had a setback with his injury recently so might be the better option

  4. Need to bench one from Savage, Witherden, Tom Stewart and Jamie Macmillan. Who should I start and which one is on the bench?

    1. I’d bench MacMillan. Still a test with his calf injury. I’d just be going safe with the others. If you want boom or bust with J Mac (if he plays), then I’d bench Witho for the matchup.

  5. Love this Dossy!

    Slight push, but any idea how many CBAs old mate Berry was getting earlier in the season?

    1. Thanks! Sorry mate have only recorded CBAs from Round 12 this season. Interested to see how it goes. Think Lyons early season was out a bit more and possibly Zorko slightly more forward, but just guessing.

  6. So good Dos! Champion Data may as well release this info now and give you your social life back. But otherwise, absolutely outstanding work, thanks from us all!

  7. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your weekly articles and really everything about the Draft Doctors. With about 4 weeks before finals, final fine tuning is a must. My question is, do I persevere with SPS. He’s my F5 after draft night but I’ve since picked up off waiver, Lobb and Petracca. They’ve now joined Boak, Dunkley, Billings and Lipinski. Should I drop him and pick another mid in case injuries strike. I’m hoping there’s no repeat of winning the minor premiership and then going out in straight sets like last year with the injury curse in the finals. And Finlayson is another I’d like to drop because I’ve since added MacMillan, Alir and Blicavs. Which 2 of the 4 would you start consistently. Sometimes matchups can prove costly. Thanks once again.

    1. No worries, Jez, good to hear from you!

      SPS is playing some decent footy right now, but that is a stacked forward line! If you have (and have passed) a trade deadline that’s a tough spot to be in.

      I’d say given Lobb may have to play with Darcy and Petracca hasn’t really got going, SPS might be worth haning on for the next few weeks. Odds are you can snatch a mid off wiavers later, unless there’s someone you may not be able to get later.

      Finlayson playing as a forward certainly doesn’t help with consistency. So i’d take MacMillan as the first defender and then maybe Blitz, with Aliir not far behind. I’d say Aliir is the better prospect, but haven’t seen enough consistency from him yet.

      I’ve got faith in you, injury bug has to take a break at some point, surely! All the best

    1. It’s an interesting opportunity. If people are buying on what he’s put out so far, sure! I have a feeling some may be worried given his injury history and may not make a decent enough offer.

      I’d be fine with hanging onto him, I’d say he’ll be decent down the stretch home, but if you can get an offer worth what he’s doing now, that gives you better team balance, I’d go for it.

  8. Hi Sam,

    I have picked up Jy SImpkin and traded Parish for NicNat because my ruckman is Mumford. Good move?

    Rucks: NicNat (mumford on bench)

    Forwards: Dunkley, Heeney, Gunston, Jy Simpkin, Lipinski (bench: menegola)

    1. A big game from Nic Nat off the bat is promising. Parish has all the talent in the world but in his role on the bombers, it’s inconsistency on a player and team level. He will go on a tear at some stage (as the past 5 weeks show) and I’ve got him on my radar every pre-season. I’d say next years the year. But I’ve said that a lot!

      As for the trade, it depends on the league set up. In my league there’s no forwards on waivers, but you can stream a serviceable ruck so I wouldn’t make that move. But it sounds like a good move based on your team balance. And if Jy Simpkin doesn’t work out, Menegola slots back in, so the forwards go 5+ deep.

      Feels like the sort of risk that could have a big pay off with Nic Nat getting another few weeks before finals.

  9. I guess the next stat required is useful contribution for the players CBA’s so we can sort the talent from the passengers

  10. Hi Sam,

    Thoughts on DBJ? I ahve Jayden Short and he has been putrid. Should I swap Short for DBJ? Thanks.

  11. Hey fellas, just wanted to get your thoughts on some recent trades i have made in ultimate footy (cat. Based). 1st trade was Gus Brayshaw and Menegola out, D Swallow and Salem in. The second was Finlayson out, Ed Curnow in. To give u context, Brayshaw, Menegola amf Finlayson were all bench options. Salem is a straight upgrade into lineup and Swallow amd Curnow will be back ups at their positions. Cheers

      1. Hey guys,
        My fwds are R Gray, T Lynch (adel), lobb, M Walters, J C,ameron (gws), B Mihocek, E Curnow and Stringer. Also just made one last trade to upgrade my starting backs by trading Hartlett and Harbrow out for Houli. Have a spot left to pick up Hunter Clark or Jack Bowes for when he is fit. Cheers

    1. Quite a bit of movement there! Love the Curnow move, he’s thrived with Teague in charge.

      Overall seems like a nice re-shuffle especially if Gus wasn’t getting a run. I’d say your defence and possibly forward line would have improved and not at a great cost in the mids. Like it!

  12. Hi Sam,
    Our home league begins its finals in Rd 20. The top 5 are locked and loaded and happy to say I’ve backed it up again this year with a top podium finish. An achievement made possible by being an avid follower of you and the team @thedraftdoctors. But I hope the gods are on my side this year to at least make it to the last dance. So advice needed and BTW, there’s a team in my league who’s sitting 5th currently that has the second highest points for, that spells danger.
    My defence, Lloyd, Shaw, Mills, Blicavs, Allir, Perryman and Schramberg. Your thoughts on JJ, who was dropped to the waiver this week. I’ve just added Schramberg this week. Would you drop someone to pick up JJ. Looking at my opponents, I feel like my defence needs strengthening in the finals or do I stick fat with the players that got me to the top. Perryman, Aliir or Schramberg could make way for JJ.
    Thanks Sam and your articles are a must read. Cheers.

    1. Hey Jez, surely someone needs a bit of good luck, I know I’ve soaked up a fair bit of the bad!

      All we at DD can do is ramble on about what we like and don’t like, and I get it wrong more than I’d like to think, so well done on seeing through the noise to make some nice pick ups.

      When it comes to finals, it’s easy to stay conservative if you’ve finished up top, but that can be a trap. Most of the top finishers kept improving and making changes throughout the whole year. So keep doing what you’re doing. JJ has had a rough couple of weeks, but as far as risk reward goes, he’s more on the reward side. I like it as a late season change. Thing is, you only need 4 good weeks from a player and they’ve done their job.

      With all that said, my experience in fantasy finals is that it’s all a dice roll. Back in your top end and maybe make a few bottom end moves like JJ and then hope like hell the numbers come up your way!

      All the best, Jez. Keep me posted on how you go, I need a team to follow now that I’ve been knocked out!


  13. What do u think about a risky stream this week in jarryd Roughead should be feeding him the ball and against Gold Coast?

    1. I’m going Cotchin. The injury concern is warranted, but if Seedsman ends up on the wrong side of a blowout he could have a pretty rough score.

      I feel like Cotchin has the higher floor here.

  14. G’day Sam,

    Well I’ve made it to the big dance. Since coming on board with the draft doctors, I’ve notched up 2 minor premierships, hopefully after the Port v Freo game, the big one. I’ve picked up Franklin and Jye Simpkin on the Wire. My dilemma is Buddy or Simpkin for the big dance and for my backline, Pittard or JJ.
    Thanks for the year and clearly it’s paid dividends for my team. Hopefully adding that elusive premiership.

    1. Hey Jez, been waiting for this one!

      Stoked to hear you’re through. It’s truly in the hands of our friends on twitter, the Fantasy Gods. Let’s hope they’re on your side!

      As for your calls, my feeling is JJ and Buddy. Pittard has a good match up, though, so I don’t think either one is the wrong call there.

      Buddy/Simpkin has a chance for way more variance, it seems. Simpkin has the chance for a low score just as Franklin does, so I’m not taking his midfield time as too much of a bonus.

      Sydney St Kilda looks to be a high scoring affair, and Buddy should benefit from that.

      Hopefully it doesn’t come down to these choices and you can celebrate a premiership before Port v Freo kicks off!

      All the best mate, I’m pulling for you.

      1. Well Sam, I’ve done it. You bloody beauty. It’s been 2 years in the making. Many thanks to the team at the draft doctors and no doubt “Dozen Deals” articles. Thanks and already looking forward to the what’s on the many articles post season. Once again, thanks Sam.

      2. Yes! Great news! Love to hear the team made a difference. Especially since I couldn’t get there in my own league.

        Time to kick back and relax, then we’re onto next year!

        Thanks Jez, looking forward to 2020!

  15. Dos love the numbers analysis.
    Would estimate this becomes even more relevant if it’s split by position per team (just give you more work to do), it should highlight who exactly can benefit

  16. Hi Steve,

    Great article and pod on burn men. Just want to change course. I’m in a keeper league, ( 4 keepers and rookie) and the pressure is on to defend my crown. So am starting to prep. The mock draft was a god send. But, thoughts on an F1. It’s probably difficult but outside of Whitfield, the pool is not that mouth watering. So when would you draft your F1 and who can you suggest. Any suggestions would be great at this early stage. My keepers are Fyfe, Neale, Lloyd and Gawn. No rookie to keep



    1. Hi Jerry, obviously it’s hard to know what other players are being kept, so if you can’t snag a Whitfield/Dusty/Heeney early days, I’d consider filling mids and defenders and just picking a bunch of forwards through the mid/late rounds, unless someone started falling. Forwards tend to be more replaceable and there’s lots of potentially great options through those mid late rounds – Buddy, Brayshaw, TMac, Hogan, Riewoldt, Gunston, Parfitt, etc. Might just take a swing at a few of those and hope to hit if you don’t want to go at the top – or you could do both!

    1. Probably not, even if he suffers something of a downturn it’s not likely a big deal in keepers as Melbourne still has some older players in the backline (Jones, Hibberd) plus you’re not having to draft him as opposed to a redraft format.

    1. Hi Pete, all our ranks will be up on the site and available to download for free following the final ranking podcast next week. The site includes 70 defenders, 90 mids, 20 rucks, and 70 forwards. Positional ranks and draft range for the players within the Draft Kit (15 for each team) are included, as well as in-depth analysis on each of the featured players.

  17. Sorry, still trying to understand. So it includes a draft order ranking sheet that goes up to 270(15 x 18)?
    Something that can be used to draft on the day?

    1. Na mate, we post our positional ranks seperately for FREE on the 5th of February which will be available to download for everyone. The Draft Kit does have specific positional ranks and overall draft ranges for the selected 15 players we profiled from each team. The Draft Kit is not a top to bottom list for draft day, but an in-depth resource on 270 profiled players that we considered most relevant (evenly spread across the 18 teams) in 2020 draft.

  18. Hi Steve

    Great reading on a weekend with a cuppa. So pump about the simulator. Need some wise advice. I’m in a keeper league ( 4 plus a rookie), in a 10 team league. If for instance you’re a pick 5 in the draft, in a snake setup with a 5-7-5-1-4 combo, how do you plug that in the sim. I’ve basically started drafting at Rd 6. The first 5 rounds are players that were picked as keepers. Does that sound about right to you. Thanks for your great insight. And that goes to the rest of the crew at the DD.

    1. Hi Jez, yeah keepers are a tough one. I’d say you’re probably ball park on what you’re doing but there’s obviously variables. We’ve tried to figure out a good way to build keepers into the site but with so many league variations it’s a tough one. We’ll go back to the lab no doubt. Thanks for the support!

  19. How is Whitfield not the #2 pick? He will average 10-15 more points than the next best forward. Macrae, Treloar, Coniglio, etc will all average within 5 points of each other so it makes Whitfield so much more valuable than any gun mid.

  20. Statesman and Archie have the same team? Lol good stuff lads! Would love an overall rankings cheat sheet for draft day if possibly?
    My draft is this Saturday 😬 #pick6

    1. Hey mate, my bad! Stato’s team is all sorted now. We have our top 30 overall ranks from a while back as an article on the site, but our free positional ranks are your best source for draft day. You’re likely looking at a Gawn, Dunkley, Mitchell, Treloar at 6, with most of us prefering hammering mids early (within reason) this year. Practising with the Mock Draft Simulator will also provide a good guideline for what to expect come draft day!

      1. Yeh I’ve been smashing the mock draft don’t worry haha I’ve got my eyes on someone at 6 but can’t say because a couple lads in our league check the website 😬 haha all good usually use the traders cheat sheet but it may not be out by this Saturday but fingers crossed 🤞

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