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  1. Hello Nick, have only recently found this website and have loved the articles. Just wondering your thoughts on short term and long term views on Josh Daicos and James Worpel. I currently have Daicos on bench, but Worpel is on Free Agent list. Wondering if I should pick Worpel up.

    1. Cheers, glad you like it! I think Daicos will hold his 84 average. I also think Worpel will improve from his 57 average so far, but I can’t see him overtaking Daicos. I wouldn’t give up Josh for him at this stage. Keep in mind, Worpel is yet to crack 90 this year. If there’s no one else on the free agent list, take a punt, but I’m not confident in him coming near his 2019 form. At best he might get near last year’s average of 78.

  2. Webster is available but I’ve gone with Braeden Campbell against Gold Coast instead. What do you think about that? Also who would you start as your last Defender this week out of Campbell, Ash or Swallow?

    1. I’d roll with Webster personally. he just seems safer to me. the swans have a salad of running defenders now and im even losing faith in blakey at this stage. to answer your question, anyone but swallow.

      1. This is for SuperCoach

        Same advice for SuperCoach and AFL Fantasy?

  3. Thanks for another cracking article. Wingard is sitting on our waivers, is he worth grabbing?

    1. thanks! and sorry for the late reply mate. he was sitting on our wire and i nabbed him, only for him to get yet another 60… you can’t deny his consistency, i guess!

    1. For this season I’m much keener on Zach Williams. He’s shown a good ceiling (137) and from round two onwards has averaged 89. Ridley has been disappointing, and hasn’t shown much of a ceiling at all (top score of 94 and only 2 above 72). He might bounce back, but Redman’s improvement seems to have hurt him. Fingers crossed he lifts in the second half of the year!

    1. so let’s say there is a friday night game featuring one of your players. you sit him on your bench as an emergency and if he scores well, you play a non-playing player on field before any imposing lockouts. the ability/ways to loophole will depend on your league settings, however

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