DPP Watch


AFL Fantasy released the first wave of DPPs on Thursday. Here’s the list.


Player Old Position Updated Position
David Mackay MID DEF/MID
Lachlan Murphy DEF DEF/FWD
Nick Robertson DEF DEF/MID
Levi Casboult FWD RUC/FWD
Will Hoskin-Elliott MID MID/FWD
Brendon Goddard MID DEF/MID
Devon Smith FWD MID/FWD
Andrew McGrath DEF DEF/MID
Connor Blakely MID DEF/MID
Stephen Hill MID DEF/MID
Lachie Weller MID DEF/MID
Michael Rischitelli MID DEF/MID
Alex Sexton DEF DEF/FWD
Mark Blicavs MID DEF/MID
Lachlan Fogarty MID MID/FWD
Lachie Whitfield MID DEF/MID
Jordan Lewis MID DEF/MID
Christian Salem DEF DEF/MID
Jack Ziebell MID MID/FWD
Tom Rockliff MID MID/FWD
Robbie Gray FWD FWD/MID


Seems like we covered most of these guys in the past few weeks, so pat on the back if you managed to snag one! Ziebell did show just how volatile playing forward can be, with his 42 on the weekend.


Given the list is pretty comprehensive, we’re a bit light this week. Time to freshen up our eyes for another few weeks, finding any position shifts. UF coaches, look over the list. While a few have already been changed, expect to see many of the others (Whitfield) update this week.


So what about the one’s we missed out on? For starters a few people thought Polec deserved defender status. One keen eyed observer on twitter, Chris Paule asked why as Polec had 72% in the back half of the ground. Champion Data were kind enough to respond: “You’re counting % of possessions in defensive half, not time in defensive half. He’s played 80% on a wing, 10% on ball and 10% forward.” This shows how difficult it is for us at home to figure it out as CD have these stats hidden away under lock and key.


So the eye test is all we have. A quick review over some previously mentioned that haven’t had the nod just yet.


Cale Hooker

Currently: Forward
Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 70.7


Cale Hooker seems a defender, pencil him in for next round, likely missed DPP status due to a lack of time in defence; spending the first few rounds forward. He’s settled next to Hurley, which not only frees him up, but gives Joe Daniher more room up forward to chase after seagulls.


Scott Lycett

Currently: Ruck
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 79.2


From what we’ve seen with Nic Naitanui, Scott Lycett has had to keep spending a lot of his time in the ruck. Should add forward status once Nic Nat is playing more, but he’s keeping us waiting for now.

Adam Treloar

Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 113.8


Collingwood have thrown a few different looks at opposition teams, Adam Treloar moving forward along with Sidebottom at times. With Adams out, these guys seem to have settled mostly in the midfield and fired. Bucks hates being in the hot seat so much he refuses to visit Eddie on Millionaire, so don’t expect too drastic a change while they’re still playing well. These guys stay mids unless something changes.


Rory Lobb

Currently: Forward
Possible Secondary: Ruck

Average: 66.0


Bone bruising in the knee has stopped Lobb from playing enough to get a change in AFL Fantasy (he’s already R/F in Ultimate Footy), but with his return coming, keep an eye on where he’s playing. Patton has pitch hit a tiny bit, Dawson Simpson played 2 games, but Lobb seems the obvious choice when he returns. Could be a handy ruck for byes, or in two ruck leagues if you’re into that sort of thing.