One of the most fun aspects of playing draft style fantasy football is making trades. It’s not like the salary cap version where you just make them, in draft you’re haggling with league mates and trying to get the best deal and sell high, buy low – all while balancing your team for a tilt at a premiership.

If you’re new to the Draft Doctors podcast, the ‘A Dozen Deals’ article has been a staple for 2 years, where each week I write about various transactions you could make; be it a BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. Buy, sell and hold all relate to players who are most likely owned, and add/drop to players who may or may not be, more fringe type players. I base these suggestions on a 10 team-22 player roster, so depending on your league size and format, there may be some variation in value (which I will generally specify). The whole point of the article was to give opinions on making moves in your draft league. Did all the moves work out? Not quite. However, through the season there was a very high success rate and by and large they worked out.

ADD – TOMMY SHERIDAN (D) – Averaging 89 DT points prior to Fremantle’s bye, with a nice role playing off the back of the square and wing time. Has teased before, is he finally fantasy relevant? I think it’s worth taking the chance if you’re after a D5 with upside.

ADD – MARCUS ADAMS (D) – Just rolled in for his first game this season and grabbed a lazy SEVEN intercept marks. That’s #good. Is a must add for SuperCoach leagues and is probably worth picking up in DT leagues. It’d be nice if the Dogs can muster up the same pressure they generated against the Roos going forward.

ADD – BRENNAN COX (F/D) – Has been developing nicely this season and is set to face a Brisbane squad that’ll be without their top defender. If Brisbane allow Freo to move the ball without pressure out west, there should be some goals to be had for Cox. Deeper league option, but intriguing.

BUY – BACHAR HOULI (D) – Nearing a return from injury, Houli is consistently in the mix to be a D1 each season. His average is torpedoed by the fantasy score from the match he was injured in, but that was weeks ago and perhaps his owner has forgotten that fact. Definitely worth mentioning when trying to acquire.

BUY – TOM MITCHELL (M) – The week following a gun being a victim of a tag is quite often the best time to try nab them off a disappointed owner. You’ll have to pay up, no doubt, but if you can get in the Titch owner’s head that they’ll have to deal with that tag going forward, it could ruin their chances! We’ve mentioned the Hawks having a sweet run through to the end of the season – that hasn’t changed, add the fact that the teams they face aren’t usually running a tag and Titch could be the stud you need to win.

BUY – DAN HANNEBERY (M) – Purely a take on trust and the fact he’d be in the pool if his name wasn’t Dan Han. Shouldn’t cost much in a trade and you wouldn’t want to offer much anyway! I’d be trying to offer a low-end forward, you know, the one we’ve shown that you can replace every week out of the pool, and trying to sneak Dan Han in if my midfield was barren. This is one for deeper leagues for sure. He is getting inside mid minutes and had 24 disposals against WCE. Maybe the bye freshened him up, I don’t know, but I think it’s a reasonable question to ask of the Dan Han owner.

ADD – DONUTS MOTLOP (M/F) – Tonned up in SC (96 DT) two weeks ago against the anaemic Bulldogs in a fantastic display. Runs into matchups against some points leaky opposition over the next three weeks in Carlton, St Kilda and Freo, before another meeting with the Bulldogs a fortnight after that. Expecting him to average in the 80s over that timeframe and be a worthwhile addition.

ADD – DANIEL HOWE (M) – Has been low key solid over the last three matches for the Hawks, averaging 84 DT and 96 SC. The Hawks, as we’ve mentioned, have a solid draw. Howe is floating around in a lot of pools so won’t cost you anything other than a roster spot.

SELL – TIM KELLY (M) – Been a great debut season for Kelly, but I think now’s a good time to move. Has been so-so for SC over the last 6 weeks with one ton and hasn’t produced a DT ton since round 2. With the Cats midfield healed up and the possibility that Scott Selwood comes in soon, Kelly might find his mid time coming down or out of the team altogether (although that may be unlikely). Package him up with another player and try upgrade!

HOLD – TOBY MCLEAN (M/F) – Some noise that he’s playing injured after hurting his shoulder in round 13. Tackles have been down in the 2 matches he’s played since the knock occurred and his tackles are down. However, his contested possessions in the rd 14 match were in line with his season averages and he still accounted for 7 clearances. Could he be playing hurt? Sure. Could it also be that a guy who doesn’t weigh 80kg is starting to feel the effects of a full season in the guts? Very plausible. I bring him up here in case you’re getting antsy. If you need to get wins and you can flip McLean for a great deal, I’m not gonna stop you. Two of the Dog’s next three are against Geelong and Melbourne, tough matchups if McLean is feeling the pinch. I’d still hold as I’m not sure I’m getting a huge deal on him and think he can come good with some great finals matchups, but this one’s up to you.

SELL – HUGH GREENWOOD (M) – Loves him some low game time and a contested ball, Greenwood has been a solid pickup for fantasy this season whilst Matt Crouch, Sloane and the idea of Brad Crouch have been absent for the Crows. With M Crouch back and Sloane due to return I’d expect Greenwood to be spending more time forward and less time with the ball in his hands. Is definitely someone to package up with a forward to upgrade either spot in your team.

DROP – ADAM TRELOAR (M) – Having surgery on his hambone, cut him loose, kids. I know it’s hard sometimes and people will hang on for an extra couple of days or maybe even a week, but he’s out for the year, go grab who you want off the waiver wire and move on. That roster spot is STILL valuable and you can STILL win.

I realise there’s more #ADDs than usual, but as we get closer to the end of the season, a lot of leagues pass their no trade deadline, so this will be a trend.

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Good luck in your matchups and good trading!