In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

Variance is a thing. I’m firmly with Steve on this one. 9th place and two wins, and top 3 total points scored. Although variance isn’t all to blame. Seeing Crozier in free agency, my eyes lit up. Tigers on deck, there was going to be marks had. I dropped Hore who was on field.

Turned out to be a good move, Crozier scoring 134 to Hore’s 88. Only when I made the drop, Harris Andrews was shuffled onto the field, earning a big ol donut. I didn’t notice until it was too late (no emergencies, either). Final margin, 134 points.

Fantasy be like that sometimes.


I blue it


ADD – Jamie Elliott

Playing Carlton. If ever there was a game for Elliott to stand up and jag a few, this one looms large. Stephenson’s emergence has limited him, but I’m sure they’ll play nice in this matchup.


HOLD – Brad Ebert

A couple of head knocks meant he couldn’t finish the game. Could still be a sell high candidate, but his average has taken a knock, too.


ADD – Cam Ellis-Yolmen

Always annoying to see coming into the side, CEY would generally soak up midfield minutes that would have gone to someone with a skillset other than ‘large body’. However, in a shock twist, he’s producing! He’s being snatched up quickly, but worth a fling if he’s still around in your league.


ADD – Callum Sinclair

I don’t know what’s up with Ultimate footy, because just about every ruckman is owned in about 80% of leagues. Either there’s a lot of 2 ruck league formats, or teams have a ruck on the bench. I can’t figure out what’s worse. At any rate, if you’re streaming a ruck Sinclair has Essendon coming up. Bellchambers is in doubt, opening the door for Zac Clarke (coming off a calf injury) to come in.


ADD – Michael Hibberd

A strong week from Hibbo. He’ll cost you nothing, looks to be running free again. Melbourne are trying different looks to get the season going, I’d say getting some run off half back with this man could be on the cards.


HOLD – Will Hoskin-Elliott

Maybe wait for teams to come out. I have a feeling Mayne coming back leaves WHE in a weird place. Collingwood had him play on the wing a little against Port, perhaps due to a reshuffle  after Adams’ injury. Mayne could still be a week away, meaning WHE has a week to run free and prove himself. After that, there’s a squeeze on WHE, Josh Thomas and Callum Brown. Not sure how Bucks moves the pieces around, I’m just glad he’s not Bevo.


ADD – Charlie Cameron

Has had troubles with injury but looking fit again, Charlie has a massive scoring ceiling, falling prey to lean games up forward. He’s had a few very short stints in the midfield, and if that continues to around 15-20%, might help mitigate some of those games when the goals aren’t flowing.


ADD – Ryan Nyhuis

SC prospect Nyhuis (rhymes with my house) has been playing on small forwards for the Dockers and performing admirably. Did well on Betts and should continue getting these jobs. Lower ceiling, too, but handy in a deeper league all the same.


ADD – Mason Wood

Might be a week early, but Mason Wood is picking up speed. Only 36% owned so shallow leagues can wait that week, but he could be a handy play. After a tough match up with Geelong, Norf have Sydney, Bulldogs, Tigers, and Gold Coast. Some good opportunities on deck. If Ziebell stays out of the forward line, even better.


BUY – Isaac Heeney

He’s been playing more forward, so Sydney have a target without Bud playing. Those splits should tend to more mid time one Franklin returns. Isaac Heeney and the promise of midfield minutes, name a more iconic duo.

This time it’s for real.

ADD – George Hewett

It’s a bit of a rotating door with Sydney mids at the moment. Cunningham is out for a month, however and Georgie boy has been in a groove the past few weeks. A nice midfield filler.


DROP – Luke Dunstan

Still in 66% of teams, despite not having played in 4 weeks, it’s time to move on. If Richo gets the axe he could be a fantasy jet, right now he’s not getting the games, and when he does, not getting the ToG. Good player, bad situation. Lack of job security makes him a week-to-week prospect in redraft leagues.