Each week we’ll look at captain options outside the big boys as there is only one Brodie Grundy in each league.  We are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests to unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Some will be risky — but that could be the difference that gets your league win and keeps you in the hunt for finals action this year.

Captain Loophole

Back to the normal structures this week, one loop hole game and hopefully you all have a full team at selection. Hawks and the Pies should provide us with enough options to take a punt on a VC.

Brodie Grundy, Treloar and JOM look the best options but if you have Worpel, Sidey, or Pendles you should still be pretty happy.  The risky option from this game will be Tom Phillips, certainly a little down on expectations but the Hawks can give us some points and there will only be an increased chance that he gets some more mid time this week. 

Also don’t be afraid to have a defender with the loophole this week as both teams have given up some decent scores, might also be worthwhile for a stream on your bench.

Best unique skipper options from this week remaining clashes:

Essendon v Sydney Swans

Gun: Luke Parker: A great three game average of 125, in that form you just have to back him in.  Dylan Clarke will take someone, but Parker’s inside work and marking will ensure he still scores well.

Captain Risky:  Alir Alir.  Before selection is announced this seems like a great option for the Risky, with no Sinclair or Tommy Bell.  Potential ton if he plays in the Ruck.  Take note Johno, this is a great risky call for the week. Put them on the line mate!

Image result for balls wheelbarrow gif
Jono Crockett’s captain risky options on the podcast have lacked ballsiness in The Stateman’s absence.

Gold Coast v Richmond

Gun: Dusty Martin:  Great form and up against the team that has given up some massive scores to midfielders.  Surely this should be a 140 plus.

Captain Risky: Anthony Miles:  Has had what should be called an average year leading up to the byes, but since the break has been given more of an inside mid role and has hit some form. Up against the Tigers he might just want to show them what they are missing.

Adelaide v Port Adelaide

Gun:  Travis Boak: Career season just keeps on keeping on, even though he has slowed down a little the form is hard to resist, 110 for his 3-game average just below his 113-season average.

Captain Risky:  Justin Westhoff: Not even selected yet, but the likely partner for Lycett after getting back into form in the SANFL.  37 touches last week at state level and with Dixon in will get roaming and ruck relief role.

Image result for huge balls gif
Played in the SANFL last week? Yep! Captain Risky worthy, Jono!

Western Bulldogs v Geelong

Gun:  Jack Macrae:  If your midfielder is averaging above 150 in his past three games it is simple just put the C on him and worry about the rest of your team. (Note to self for #offbrand).

Captain Risky: Patrick Dangerfield: The Cats are known for the late outs and he took one mighty hit last week.  If you are going to name him as captain, ensure you have a good VC option selected.

Fremantle v West Coast

Gun:  Andrew Gaff:  The Dockers are generally hard to score against but that will not stop one of the best runners in the game.  Take your 120 and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Captain Risky: Connor Blakely: Expected to be one of our leading defenders during the preseason, has been back a month and slowly getting better with a ton last week.  Role is interesting and if he’s back in midfield could post a beauty.

Carlton v Melbourne

Gun:  Clayton Oliver:  After a slow start he has quietly been getting back to form and against Carlton should do well.  Although do not like the recent return of tagging at the Blues.

Image result for clayton oliver gif
It should safely be ClayTON Oliver against the Blues this week.

Captain Risky: Max Gawn/Patrick Cripps: Unsure if either will be named or maybe a late out.  Be cautious here and avoid the captain button on these two this week.

North Melbourne v St Kilda

Gun:  Jack Ziebell: In very good form and likely to go massive against the Saints.  They are playing great pressure footy and that is perfect for the skipper.

Captain Risky: Jack Billings: Been in very good form, but North have been making it hard for outside midfielders.

GWS v Brisbane

Gun:  Josh Kelly:  Boring I know, but if you have him just do it.

Captain Risky: Lachie Whitfield: A chance to play, remember the last time he returned from injury.  Just a sneaky little 190, don’t expect that but don’t be surprised with a 120 plus score if selected.