We are now 8 rounds in and the pickings are pretty slim on a lot of wires now, so we must look for role changes, injury induced opportunities and a turn around in form (team or player) to find worth on the waiver wire. Handsome Tom Lynch falls under one of those categories, so let’s discuss him and a few others that could help out your squads. 

These are the players worthy of waiver priority use in the wake of round 8:

Tom Lynch (140 AF/184) – FWD

Boy oh boy wowee. He won’t be keeping this up but if there is back to back scores like this sitting on your wire, you just have to make the add and ride that wave until it crashes to shore. 

David Swallow (120 AF/123 SC) – MID

I can’t get a read on this guy; his role in the team has about as much stability as one of Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriends (not sure if that is still funny/relevant). In saying that, he played predominantly in the midfield this week with the caveat being that Noah Anderson was out. 

Tom Sparrow (95 AF/97 SC) – FWD

There was talk of Sparrow seeing more run through the middle this year and it’s happening in patches. He missed round 7 with H&S protocols and had a 95 (AF) the week prior to that. He faces North and West Coast in the next 2 weeks so if he was dropped, grab him. 

Jamaine Jones (97 AF/102 SC) – FWD

Like Sparrow, Jones missed last round but scored well previous to that and has backed it up with a fine performance against tough opposition in Brisbane. With the West Coast midfield resembling Mariupol right now, Jones could keep up some useful scoring. 

Tom Hickey (DNP) – RUCK

He played VFL this weekend and scored well (99 AF). Pair this with the Ladhams ankle concern and a handy ruckmen pickup could be made if he was dropped in your league. 

Mitch Hinge (75 AF/54 SC) – DEF

Hinge is a ranging left footer and I expect his SC scores to be better than this. The Crows are without Brodie Smith and it can’t be all Jordy Dawson all the time (as it was last game) when coming out of their defence. Hinge is a nice deeper league add for those after a D5/6. 

Ed Richards (67 AF/91 SC) – DEF

He’s averaging 86 (SC) in his last three games but not scoring as well in AF formats, just so you know. The Dogs have the Pies, Suns and Eagles on deck and Richards should be a fine D4/5 for now as he does have some fantasy game in my opinion. 

Here are 3 tricks unworthy of waiver priority use:

Mark O’Connor (86 AF/96 SC) – DEF/MID

His scoring is as inconsistent as his role in the Cats’ team. He seems to have chops every now and then but struggles to be serial in his scoring.

Noah Answerth (99 AF/100 SC) – DEF

He simply had the WCE bump this week and boy do the Eagles give more bumps than Alistair Clarkson did on AFL ‘98 (if you get this reference, we should be good friends. Let’s meet for a beer). 

Bailey Banfield (107 AF/93 SC) – FWD

It took the BB gun to fire off 5 scoring shots in order to rack up these points. He had the Norf bump this week and boy you can get more bumps from Norf than you can a braille library (fuck I’m running hot with these bumps jokes). 

Make your moves and tell us about it in the comments or on Twitter: @lionelhutz4prez.

Happy hunting!