The unwashed masses are suffering at the hands of all these ‘illnesses’, with viruses and superbugs striking down even our sporting elite. It makes the fantasy footy week feel like russian roulette, as we wait daily, almost hourly, for the loaded chamber to land on our squads. You don’t need vitamin C, you need good stream targets, doofus.  

So, this article aims to assist in filling any holes your weekly lineups may have – whether it be a sneaky loophole option for your benches or a genuine plug and play. These are one week streamers (perhaps longer in some cases, AKA RIVER plays) for mostly redraft leagues; patch and play suggestions for those loose ends that need some tying off, especially if your priority waiver claims were missed.

I will list a team of players with low ownership that may (or may not) be available in your leagues. I will fill a team in the 4-5-1-4 structure catering to AF/DT/UF scoring, as well as Supercoach, in certain cases. But first, let’s see how my round 7 tips performed:


Jack Scrimshaw (95 AF/109 SC) – play your backs against the Bombers. 

Heath Chapman (89 AF/136 SC) – who ordered the Rising Star nomination with a side of BOOMSAUCE!?

Jye Caldwell (94 AF/91 SC) – was going the way of a cut-candidate but will survive another week after making an easy kill on the Hawks. 

David Mundy (91 AF/111 SC) – even the AFL’s resident geriatric scores handsomely on the Roos. 

Sam Switkowski (74 AF/99 SC) – he would have really crushed it if he wasn’t subbed off due to a head-knock. 

Handsome Tom Lynch (140 AF/184 SC) – after a lacklustre start to the season, Lynch as fully capitalised on some key forward-friendly opposition in the last 2 rounds. Hold and roll, for now. 


Jake Bowey (52 AF/49 SC) – we thought he would absorb more of Salem’s points but Brayshaw has been the main beneficiary – feel free to cut Boweeeeyyyyy (shout out to our boy, Dos).

Josh Daicos (33 AF/25 SC) – Peter is thankful he didn’t stop at Josh after this effort – just awful. 

Dan McStay (9 AF/12 SC) – he got injured early and will miss the next 3. Move on. 

That’s one of the better weeks the Stream Team has had in terms of ceiling games, featuring a few scores that could have dragged some teams over the line this week. Let’s try and hit a similar mark with this week’s picks:


Nathan Broad vs. Hawthorn (LOOPHOLE) – he may have been let go in some shallower leagues after his hot early-season scoring cooled off, but against the Hawks he’s worth a play. 

Zac Guthrie vs. St. Kilda – defenders like it against the Saints and the Cats appeared to slow their game style last round, possessing the ball more. Guthrie is coming off a 100+ score (AF) and has shown streaks of a fantasy game in the past, making him a worthy risk to take this round.

Luke Foley vs. Melbourne – Melbourne allows defenders to score well and let’s be honest here, the ball is going to live in the Eagles’ defence this week. Witherden is coming back but it shouldn’t make a difference. If Melbourne don’t kick straight, the Eagles’ defenders will get theirs and some. 

Lachie Jones vs. North Melbourne (LOOPHOLE) – a deeper league suggestion here. Riley Bonner will miss, as will Dumont, leaving some rebound footy to go around the Port backline. I shouldn’t have to address who they’re playing by now


James Worpel vs. Richmond (LOOPHOLE) – this motherfucker. I took him in all of my drafts. I’d even say that I reached for him and boy was that a fuck up. ANYWAY, he does have a 90 in him with Titch and Ward out and the Tiges are a team he can do it against. 

Trent Cotchin vs. Hawthorn (LOOPHOLE) – we jizz when our mids play Hawthorn and Cotch might be up for grabs in your league, despite his solid scoring last round. He’s a fine loophole option in shallower leagues. 

Willem Drew vs. North Melb (LOOPHOLE) – he’ll be owned in deeper leagues, but with the early Saturday fixture, he makes for a great loophole option in shallower leagues. Either way, he’s a solid D4/5 against a Kangaroos team circling the drain. 

James Jordon vs. West Coast – need more be written here? The Melbourne mids should get more touches than Craig McClachlan this week (you can tell by the eyes that this motherfucker is a creep). 

Luke Davies-Uniacke vs. Port Adelaide – Port aren’t the most fruitful opponents, but I like the amount of ball available in the North midfield with Greenwood and JHF on the sidelines this round. Also, it looks to be a wet one in Tassie on Sunday, suiting LDU’s game. Sidenote: by golly hasn’t Greenwood stocks gone the way of Bitcoin this year… sheeeesh. 


Jordan Sweet vs. Collingwood (LOOPHOLE) – yep, it’s come to this (especially if you own ROB). Martin and English aren’t playing this round and Darcy Cameron and Aiden Begg aren’t exactly a colossal ruck tandem. Get yourself some ‘Sweeeeet can’ and loop him on Friday night if your ruck line is in dire straits. 


Kiedean Coleman vs. Adelaide – he’s had an indifferent 3 games since returning from a hamstring injury but with this matchup, I’m willing to give him one more chance. If he can’t hit 80 this week, feel free to cut ties. 

Tom McDonald vs. West Coast – coming off some handy scores last week, TMac is the type of guy with a 120 in him if the opponent allows it, and with West Coast on deck, he will be allowed. 

Chad Wingard vs. Richmond – Sam Mitchell doesn’t care about anyone over the age of 22 in his team so don’t bank on Wingard getting any special preference in his 200th this week. However, Chad seems like someone who likes to celebrate his own achievements and with Ward and Titch out, some midfield ball will be on offer at the Hawks. I just scooped this guy up off the wire in a 5-7-1-5 (5) league and will play him over Josh Daicos in my mids this week (for context). 

Aaron Naughton vs. Pies (LOOPHOLE) – with a very good matchup for a key forward here, Naughton should see plenty of it under the roof Friday night and makes for a perfect loophole option. He has some serious BOOM potential here. 

Fuck I love streaming – it’s easily the most satisfying part of draft leagues for me. That’s why I like deeper leagues where injury management feels more imperative. Anyway, I’m @lionelhutz4prez on Twitter. Get at it!

And as always, may your streams flow golden and strong!