Mid time finally – Devon Smith

2017: Games/16;   Averages: AF/81, SC/79

 Forget all the rhetoric it seems that processed meat is back in favour, as Lunch Meat looks set for a big season now that he can play some of his footy in his preferred position.  Being at GWS you can understand why he spent so much time in the forward. The club is simply filled with midfield talent therefore players like Devon and Toby Greene were never able to get a look in.

The Bombers went for quality in all three areas and have that with Saad, Smith and Stringer.  Smith is the midfielder and as already show in the JLT he will score very well as long as the body stays up to it.  Speaking of his body he has had a very good preseason and playing in the first game is a good sign for a big year.

Listed as a forward for 2018 he is quite possible to finish in the top ten so you should be delighted if he becomes your F2 or even F3.  Try to get the bargain and enjoy him if you get him. 

Breakout coming – Darcy Parish

2017: Games/19;   Averages: DT/78, SC/76

 It’s hard to know if he will be a bargain or not in 2018, the forward status makes him a target but it’s the mid time and breakout that is coming that is most exciting.  Quality players make the big step in their third season and Darcy will not spoil the party here, 39 games under the belt and midfield time opening up.

The positive should be is that he will not be considered for an F1 position because any breakout player is a risk.  Ultimate footy is expecting a 4 point rise in his scoring but you should be expecting more like the 10-15, with a low 90s the true expectation.

Currently has an ADP of 124 and if you can get him in that 12th round you have got a great pick up, if you really want him then the 8th or 9th round might when you need to pull the trigger.

HELP – The Rucks

Do Essendon have a gem here or will they be just swapping them around?

They have the forward to pinch hit/provide the relief, therefore they just need the one Ruckman.  If either of them get the position and keep it, its value for the calm and patient drafter.  TBC has an ADP of 178 and has averaged in the 80’s but never played a full season before, while Leuy’s ADP is 194 has averaged in the 90’s and has played 4 seasons of 20 games or more.

Steve is a fan of Tom Bellchambers, but the value of Matthew Leuenberger appeals to me and it may be worthwhile handcuffing the boys both as late picks and get an average of 85 for your rucks no matter who it is that gets a game.


The rewards a there for the late ruck pick up if you dig deep.